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1) From: mikeraz
I enclosed my popper in a box to recycle the hot air back to the inflow. The
first batch after that turned to charcoal in just over two minutes.  OK, some
fresh air in the system won't hurt ...
After that I was getting a French to Italian roast in 4 to 6 minutes,
depending on the venting and how much time the butter dish was off to peek at
the progress.  
Is this too fast?  
And, yes, I'm new here.  
      Michael Rasmussen, Portland Oregon  
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2) From: Eddie Dove
Welcome aboard!
Those numbers seem to match the times I recorded when I used poppers.
Others on the list are much better with the poppers than I am and I hope
they will chime in.  The most important thing though, is how does it taste
to you?
On 11/19/06, Michael Rasmussen  wrote:

3) From: Tom Bellhouse

4) From: miKe mcKoffee
I find 10 to 15 minute range usually best balanced roast most beans for
fluid bed roasters. Most or very important is the time from start of 1st of
end of roast, usually minimum 3 or 4 minutes regardless the degree of roast
be it cinnamon or vienna. 
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5) From: Les
I am finding that 12-16 minutes are most often the best in the RK drum
as well.  When you stretch the roasts much past 16 minutes, you don't
have the rich character and the bean becomes a bit on the flat side.
On 11/19/06, miKe mcKoffee  wrote:

6) From: Ken Mary
Yes it is too fast if you cannot immediately quench the roast.
Years ago, I did some 2 minute popper roasts and had mostly very good
results. The problem is determining the end point of the roast. There may be
only a few seconds between full city and charcoal.
I used poppers that were modded to cool by shutting off the heat while the
fan ran at full power. After a 2 minute cool in the popper, the beans were
dumped on a tray to finish cooling.
You cannot overload the popper and expect an even roast. The beans must be
moving fast at the start. I used a maximum load of 70 grams.

7) From: Leo Zick
Unless, of course, you stand over it for 14mins and constantly stir with a
wooden spoon. Youre sufficiently smoked when done, chaff is in your hair,
but you more or less have an even, 14min, 1/2lb roast..

8) From: john nanavati
I'm also new (only about 2-3 lbs roasted) but am using a popper as well.
I'm getting about 6-8 minutes to French Roast. I added an extension cord and
removed the butter cup (and popped in 50 degree weather) and extended my
roast to 10-11 min for a Full City +.
I'm finding that slowing down the process gives me a fighting chance to
experience a first and second crack, although, it still veries.
Hope that helps.
John Nanavati
Plainfield, New Jersey

9) From: mikeraz
Thanks all.  I'll be adjusting the circulation/butter cup to extend the times.
With a 10 or 12 minute roast when should I expect first crack?
      Michael Rasmussen, Portland Oregon  
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10) From: Brian Kamnetz
I'm assuming that when you say "fighting chance to experience a first and
second crack", that you mean that the roast is racing. I had the same
problem when I started. That was at 6500 feet in New Mexico. I had been
roasting 3/4 cup at a time. One way to slow down the roast is to roast less
at a time. Someone on this list suggested cutting back to 1/3 cup. I did
that and the roast stretched out to about 9-10 mins. Ultimately I roasted
1/2 cup at a time, which took about 8 to get just into second, when I cut
the heat (I had the heat element on a separate switch) and left the fan on
to cool.
On 11/20/06, john nanavati  wrote:

11) From: Ken Mary
Time of first depends on a lot of variables. For extended popper roasts,
figure 6 to 8 minutes as a target. Then add another 3 to 4 minutes until
start of second.
My experience is at odds with most others. My best popper roasts were 3 to 5
minutes from cold start to first snap of second. Roasts beyond 6 minutes
were significantly inferior to the faster profiles. I suggest you try both
slow and fast profiles to find what you like.

12) From: Leo Zick
Mine are the same.  6:30 for first, and ~10-11 for 2nd. Ive tried stretching
1st to around 8, not sure if its made a difference..

13) From: john nanavati
Yeah, it's funny. My first roast (Colombia Excelso 13556) seemed to follow
all that I had read as far as sounds and smells for first crack and second
crack. There was so much to remember that I thought, incorrectly that Full
City+ was at the end of second crack; so, my maiden voyage was a little
"dark."  As I roast a little more, I keep re-reading the information and
Tom's roasting pictorialhttp://www.sweetmarias.com/roasting-VisualGuideV2.htmlso that its a little
more internalized.
I just roasted Mexico FTO Chiapas and Ethiopian Organic Dry-Process Sidamo.
I ran 1/2 cup batches in my Poppery II. I heard some snaps at 5-6 minutes,
which I took for first crack, but never really heard more than the
occasional pop or the crackles of second crack.
What I found interesting is that I received better feedback from my roasts
when I increased the size to roughly 1/4 lb. But my very first roast was by
the book and the pops and cracks have been lessening as I've roasted more.
Regardless, my recent run came close to my goal - the Ethiopian, I think,
went a little long. But they smell great.
On 11/20/06, Brian Kamnetz  wrote:

14) From: raymanowen
Holy Cow, Raz!
Did you still have the flaps extended when you went into AB?
If The fortune cookie says:
"We maintain that...he ought to be ashamed of himself."  That's a lot of
copy for one cookie. I'll bet they don't get too many of those in a box!
When I re-started roasting in earnest about three years ago, it was snowing=
I had empty microwave cabinets handy. I had the HV parts and magnetrons out=
It made a nice popper cozy, sitting on the side with the ability to throttl=
the heat by opening the door.
It was a genuine jury rig but it worked. I really liked roasting and the
results. I guess the saving feature was the weed trimmer extension I was
using. The coldest was 13 F- I really needed the popper cozy that time.
When I started hearing 2nd Crack, I'd stop the roast and pour the beans
between colanders. That became a joke when "Spring time in the Rockies" sen=
the temperature to 70 in January. fun fun fun. I'm glad the results tast=
so good.
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
What's too fast? We're not eating clocks here, just roasting coffee-

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