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Topic: 2 Pound plus coffee roasters (6 msgs / 196 lines)
1) From: george
I'm about to retire (within the next 6 months or so) and 
am looking to go into selling speciality roasted coffee.  
So far I have been selling to co-workers using a Bravi 
and GeneCafe roaster.  But I need something that will do 
a much larger batch size as it takes me hours and hours 
to do the required amounts now.
I have looked into the RK drum, but living in Central New 
York with it's winters would require me to build a coffee 
shed to roast in during the winter.  I don't have a 
garage and I'm in a WW II area housing development with 
small lots.
I have received info on the Ambex YM-2 roaster and it 
looks like something I could setup in my basement and use 
my furnace chimney for an exhause.  (I'm going to replace 
the old converted oil furnace with the new "cold" exhause 
system that don't need the chimney.
I also looked at the Delaware city coffee roasters, in 
particular the 2.5k unit.  
Also the Caffe Rosto Digirosto PRO1500+HD, but had 
several reviews in the 1998 to 2002 range that were not 
good.  I don't know when Tom of Sweet Marias did his 
glowing review of this unit that they at one time 
apparently sold. 
Any info on any of these units or any others that could 
do at least a 2 to 3 pound finished roast batch would be 
greatly appreciated.
George  aka the MadHemi Roaster

2) From: miKe mcKoffee
You may (or may not) get better results asking commercial roaster questions
on the SCAA Roaster Guild forum.

3) From: RK
George have you talked with Terry Davis
terry  He is really a nice guy to deal with and it might 
help to talk to him personally.

4) From: Robert Avery
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Not from Kodak by chance are you George ???

5) From: george
I haven't spoken to him directly, but did send an e-mail 
to their companies e-mail address.  They responded in a 
few hours with 3 downloadable files about the different 
models, and references with e-mail addresses of those who 
use each model.  So far I think it's a toss up between 
the ambex YM-2 and secondly the Delaware City unit.
George   aka the MadHemi Roaster
On 23 Nov 2006 at 6:45, RK wrote:

6) From: george
Nope, not from Kodak.  I'm from the former Chrysler New 
Process Gear transfer case plant in East Syracuse, New 
York.  Magna international is currently the 80 percent 
owner and full owner next year. The company name is now 
Magna Drive Train, New Process Gear Division if I got it 
right. I'm supposed to get a retirement buyout before 
their total takeover sometime in 2007.  Magna will be 
reducing currently Chrysler pay by about 40%, new 
employees will get about 33% of what we make now, no 
retirement package, and higher insurance costs.  Chrysler 
is supposed to give me a reduced retirement package.  I 
will have 23 years with them in March and I'm 58.  That 
will give me 81 points of the 85 points for an early out 
pension.  Too bad it took me 17 years to get in there 
because of their past hiring practices.  I would have had 
my 30 and out a long time ago.  Oh well, crap happens.
On 23 Nov 2006 at 7:44, Robert Avery wrote:

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