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Topic: What type of Heat Gun? (6 msgs / 145 lines)
1) From: Sharon Allsup
What brand and wattage of heat gun should be used for HB/DB roasting
of batches of 1/2 - 1 pound?  What size bowl, and are there any
particular things to look at in getting a bowl?
I was wondering if one of those specialty baking dishes would do for
this.  I've got a cake pan set meant to make spherical cakes:
basically it's 2 half-sphere molds, cost me all of about $5.  So there
is absolutely no problem with this not being food-safe or not handling
high temperatures.  If that'd work I'd be happy to give him the cake
pans.  (this isn't for me, but I got asked for recommendations since
my giveaway samples hooked him on homeroasting, and he is not
net-savvy and won't be checking out all the nice web pages on heatgun

2) From: Sheila Quinn
About the cake pans... do they have fairly thick walls to hold the heat 
and will they stand firmly planted on a surface without having to hold 
them with anything? I use a dog bowl that has a rubber ring on the 
bottom. This holds it down w/o me having to hold it. (You need your 
hands free for holding the heat gun and stirring.) If it moves around at 
all, I don't think it would work well. Maybe there would even be a way 
to put something on the bottom of it to make it stay still... as long as 
it's something that can handle the heat, of course.
There are many brands of heat guns that work. I have a cheap one that 
works great for up to 1/2 pound roasts, but I wouldn't use it for 
anything more than that. There was a link posted here a while back that 
had a list of good heat guns. Maybe someone will post it again. You 
don't have to get one that is very expensive, though.
Sharon Allsup wrote:

3) From: scott miller
I'm sure there will be plenty of opinions and experience on what folks use
and what works for them. Here's mine:
A cheap Grizzly HG:http://tinyurl.com/yhgdcd at least once a week, I use
this thing and have for over a year. If it dies, I've received plenty of
service for the cost. I initially bought it for another project, so there
was no actual outlay of $ specifically for my HG/DB roasting. I also have a
more expensive Wagner HG, but I don't see where it improves the quality of
my roast.
For a bowl: a 4 quart bowl I found at K Mart for ~$5. 20 ounces green beans
are no problem in this size bowl. I wouldn't get to tied up in the idea that
one bowl will work & another won't as long as the bowl is wide enough to
allow you to stir the beans. Some folks use the type of dog bowl that has a
stabilizing lip:http://tinyurl.com/ymr57aThat may retain some heat around the bowl.
If it's really windy or cool out when I'm roasting, I set my mixing bowl on
a small hot plate at a very low temperature.
The HG/DB method is still the most fun for me... unless I need to roast a
lot of beans.
On 11/22/06, Sharon Allsup  wrote:

4) From: Justin Marquez
On 11/22/06, Sharon Allsup  wrote:
Hi, Sharon!
I use a 1200 watt  Wagner bought at the hardware store for $30.  As to
bowl size - I use a wire mesh strainer about 8" in diameter (from
Walmart) with a handle and two little "ears" or tabs that allow it to
sit in a stainless steel salad bowl all by itself, freeing me up to
hold the HG in one hand and a wooden spoon in another.  My usual batch
size for that setup is about a half pound (1.5 cup measured of green
beans mostly)
That normally takes about 10-12 minutes to roast most regular beans to
all the way thru first crack. Decaf is a little shorter.
Safe Journeys and Sweet Music
Justin Marquez (CYPRESS, TX)

5) From: Brian Kamnetz
I use a Master Appliance HG751B heat gun, 14.5 amp, 1740 watts. It produces
a lot of BTUs, but it's heavy, nearly 4 pounds. I have suspended the
heat gun from a campfire tripod, but got that done only yesterday and
haven't roasted that way yet. I roast in a stainless steel mesh sieve, about
9 inches across, that fits very nicely into a stainless steel mixing bowl,
both from Target for cheak. I have no problems roasting a pound at a time,
though I usually roast only a half pound, which is how much coffee I use in
a week.
On 11/22/06, Sharon Allsup  wrote:

6) From: raymanowen
As Scott says, "The HG/DB method is still the most fun for me... unless I
need to roast a lot of beans."
The same is true for me, and if I need to roast a lot of beans- it's all th=
more fun.
The Wagner HT1000 [with 2 Year Warranty!] replaced the Blue Fire Special
[Glorious Orange with switch!]
Both of the heat guns worked great for roasting coffee in a stainless steel
vessel- my Celtic Critic's Kitchen Aid mixer bowl- cheaker than Target
pieces over 30 years.
If you use the RK Drum, it weighs 7 pounds by itself, plus beans. The 4
pound Master HG is a weight bargain. Waving the HG with one hand while
stirring with the other is a problem that can be solved by studying cell
phone users while they navigate traffic and execute lane changes...
Anything is possible if your head is bowed in deep prayer with your eyes
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
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