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1) From: Steve Mamayek
Hello ladies and gents! Thought i would drop in and say hello while i had the time today. I have been a coffee lover for quite a while, but have only been roasting the past 4 months and it's such an enjoyable adventure.
I'm sure i started off like the majority here.....loved coffee but had a hard time finding something that you liked, especially here in Arkansas. There's a friend of mine at work that also loves coffee, so we started ordering roasted coffee from the internet with somewhat mixed results. After a few months i received some beer brewing supplies, one of my other hobbies, and noticed a catalog for coffee roasting equipment that came with it. I searched the internet for almost 2 months pulling in all the info i needed before dropping an order at SM's for a Gene Cafe and a Rocky. I guess i should add that my friend at work helped push me over the edge with the purchase since he offered to pay for anything i roasted.
Now here i am.....4 months later. Now that i have my roasting skills honed in i ordered a Silvia, but due to having a busy schedule it is still sitting in it's box. I roasted a few espresso blends i picked up from SM the other day, so i will get the Silvia fired up later today. I am still only ordering 1 pound quantities with the occasional 5 pound order for something i really like. After reading a bit from the archives the last 2 days it seems i'm not the only one that likes the Yellow Bourbon. I'm sure i'll have plenty of questions the next few days about the Silvia. I have read so much about it the past month that my mind is still in a haze.
Well i guess that's it for now. Even though it's just myself this Thanksgiving that does not mean I will not cook a turkey plus a few sides, and i need to go get the turkey out of the brine solution and ready for the oven. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!
-Steve Mamayek-

2) From: RK
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Welcome to the list and the wonderful world of Home Roasting. Wow for =
just 4 months you are doing great. Silvia/Rockey, Gene Cafe now thats =
not bad.
Congrats on some fine equipment.

3) From: Eddie Dove
Hey Steve!
Welcome to the list and Happy Thanksgiving!
On 11/23/06, Steve Mamayek  wrote:

4) From: Aaron
Welcome to the list steve.
We have some squabbles from time to time but overall there's a great 
bunch of folks here and the wealth of information is simply not found 
anywhere else.
Please feel free to share your experiences or ask questions or whatever 
you need here.
Happy Turkey Day... (well the turkey aint too happy)

5) From: PecanJim
     Welcome to the list.  Here are three suggestions:
     1.  Go to the list archives and look up temperature surfing with Ms.
     2.  Take advantage of Harvey and order twelve pounds of greens at a
time and you can't go wrong looking at the coffees Les recommends.
     3.  Order a Thor Tamper.
      Those should keep you busy for a while.
         Pecan Jim

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