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Topic: Sweet Marias & homeroasting in Business News (5 msgs / 88 lines)
1) From: Jeffrey Pawlan
Sweet Marias, both Maria and Tom, and many aspects of homeroasting are
discussed today in the Business Extra section of the San Jose Mercury
Newspaper. The article is titled "Java junkies do it at home" and it is on page
3C of the Saturday, Nov 25 issue.
Overall, the article is favorable to homeroasting but does portray it as being a
bit over-the-top.  Besides full details about SM, the website coffeegeek.com is

2) From: Steve Sakoman
You can read it online at:http://www.mercurynews.com/mld/mercurynews/business/16095755.htmSteve
On 11/25/06, Jeffrey Pawlan  wrote:

3) From: Aaron
I wouldn't worry too much about Homeroasting being called a bit over the 
top... trying to think of a coffee pun to go with that but it's too 
early and I havent had my coffee yet so... deal with it...
What hobby or well... obsession now for many, wouldn't classify as 'over 
the top' in many eyes.
Is it quick... not really
is it convenient.... maybe
Does it require some input from you to accomplish... yes...
it's over the top.
then again, over the top is the next 'thrill' many are looking for, as 
it sticks out from the normal blaah crowd and that actually is a 
compliment to SM's  ie  they are trendy / cutting edge etc etc... the 
catch words that bring business to them hopefully.
Aaron who overfilled his swiss gold this morning and hopes it doesn't 
pour over the top of his coffee cup.... HAH, knew id find something!!
have a great day eveyrone.

4) From: Eddie Dove
Arron!  Dangit!
I just had my tonsils out and you mad me LAUGH OUT LOUD!!!
I agree though ... people who actually cook dinner are considered over the
top in some circles.
Thanks anyway ... I needed. that!
On 11/26/06, Aaron  wrote:

5) From: Scott Marquardt
Unless my experience is unique, that link won't give the full article.http://snipurl.com/13dpqThe author should be sent excellent coffee by a lot of home roasters,
because he's one of the few writers in the MSM who hasn't adopted a bemused
"these people are idiots" condescension. To the contrary, the article
dignifies home roasting quite a bit, IMO.
The Chicago Tribune has been doing the same kind of reporting, taking craft
roasting seriously. Heck, any good media outlet will treat old world crafts,
DIY stuff, and "from scratch" food and beverage preparation (including
cheese, wine, beer, bread, etc.) with respect.
On the other hand, it's no problem identifying the bozo reporters who would
think it a painful chore to make their own Egg McMuffins.    :-\
- S
On 11/25/06, Jeffrey Pawlan  wrote:

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