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1) From: Les
Alchemist John and I went through over a pound of espresso on 3 lever
machines this afternoon.  Talk about a caffeine buzz!  We expanded our
knowledge of lever machines in particular and basic espresso pressure
extraction.  Most of our shots were pulled on a modified Pavoni that
has a pressure gauge so you can read the pressure of the pull.   You
can follow the thread over on home-barista.  One of the major things
we learned is that you can collapse the puck at about 160 psi.  Once
it is collapsed, the shot is shot!  I hope this is a teaser for you to
check out the details.  I am not going to steal any of Alchemist
John's thunder, but I would say I learned more in our 4 hour session
than I have learned in the last few years!  It was very revealing.

2) From: Sheila Quinn
I'm so jealous of everyone who gets together! It always sound like such fun.
Les wrote:

3) From: Michael Dhabolt
Les, John,
Exceptional body of work.  A lot of work.
Now, how to translate it to a spring loaded La Cimbali.......would take some
really major mods.
Mike (just plain)

4) From: Brian Kamnetz
On 11/26/06, Sheila Quinn  wrote:
I agree, Shelia....

5) From: Barry Luterman
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After 5 years I finally found a fellow roaster in Hawaii.

6) From: Eddie Dove
Is it your other brother, Barry ...?
On 11/26/06, Barry Luterman  wrote:

7) From: Eddie Dove
I guess since they have PNWGs, the rest of us are going to have to
confederate and come of with ROUG (rest of us gatherings)
On 11/26/06, Brian Kamnetz  wrote:

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