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Topic: Sweet Maria's Customer Service - Impeccable! (7 msgs / 122 lines)
1) From: Eddie Dove
So, I'm at work, standing on a chair, hanging a BIG RED CHRISTMAS BOW on the
Chief Information Officer's door (he is out today) and my cell phone rings.
I answer the phone and it is Derek from Sweet Maria's.  I had placed several
Harvey orders in one evening.  They noticed this and figured they could save
me some money on the shipping if they packaged it together for shipping.  As
busy as they are right now, Derek called me to offer to save me money!  To
boot, they took care of an email address change for me before I got my
shipping notices.  This may not have been a big deal, but this is the kind
of customer service that is so rare these days and I do greatly appreciate
Derek, thank you for the call and please pass my thanks along to anyone else
involved.  Thank you for the information that you took the time to send to
me on a previous occasion.
Tom & Maria, thank you for running this kind of business and fostering this
kind of customer service.
I hope everyone at Sweet Maria's has a wonderful and safe holiday season!
Long Beach, MS
The South Coast

2) From: Lynne
Makes one wish ALL businesses were run like this.
They are just too cool.
On Dec 1, 2006, at 3:53 PM, Eddie Dove wrote:

3) From: Sheila Quinn
No kidding. Unfortunately, there are too many businesses run rather 
poorly nowadays by people who just don't care.
Thank you SMs!!!
Lynne wrote:

4) From: Michael Dhabolt
I would like to second that Kudos for Derek.  He has gone the 'extra mile'
for me a couple of times in the recent past.  The service we receive from SM
has got to be un-matched in today's marketplace.  We all thank SM pretty
regularly, it is only fitting that the individuals get some well deserved
recognition periodically.
Mike (just plain)

5) From: Michael Guterman
It's been more than a few years, now, and I continue to be very 
impressed with the service from Sweet Maria's.  From purchase to post 
purchase support, it is always a pleasure to deal with them.  Not to 
mention the wonderful coffee!
Eddie Dove wrote:

6) From:
Eddie, I second that comment. All at Sweet Maria's give "the best" customer service around.
---- Eddie Dove  wrote: 

7) From: Justin Marquez
On 12/1/06, Michael Dhabolt  wrote:
This is off topis, but you never know who is reading...
It is a real joy when you find a supplier like SM's - top-notch
quality AND service.  We have been blessed to find a builder of hammer
dulcimers and bowed psaltries with the same commitment as SM's has for
coffee.  If any of you "out there" are considering such instruments,
let me direct your attention to:http://www.masterworksok.com/(Pssst! He also sells outstanding recordings of acoustic music as well!)
Safe Journeys and Sweet Music
Justin Marquez (CYPRESS, TX)

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