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Topic: finally got my harrar blueberries! (7 msgs / 119 lines)
1) From: stereoplegic
so, i roasted this one darker than i normally would for drip (but 
intentionally, FC+ so i could take it to work and test as an SO shot, no 
espresso machine @home :(  (yet ;) )) in my SC/TO. i've been brewing a 
cup every morning during the 4-day espresso rest, and only getting very 
heavy winey notes. today is day 4. brewed a cup in the same ceramic mug 
i've been using, first few sips, nothing but wine. sitting outside, 
having my morning smoke, feeling disappointed. it's nice cool weather, 
though, a welcome change for this houstonian. then, another sip and WOW! 
soooooo sweet. another sip: yup, definately blueberries. wine is sill 
there in abundance, but but the blueberries are definately taking the 
lead as the cup cools (does chocolate come later?).
while on the topic of cooling, does anyone else notice a decline in the 
flavor of kenyans as they cool? it's my favorite origin so far, but i 
have to have it piping hot, or it goes in the sink (although it does 
make a great hot-brewed iced coffee (i brew .5 cup grounds w/ 1.5 cup 
water, then add 1.5 cup ice, or ice water (seems to work better), toddy 
not so much (not a big cold brew fan anyway, i like some acidity in iced 
coffee, helps to cleanse the palate)). i haven't home roasted kenya yet, 
but i love it when it comes from commercial roasters who don't char away 
the citrus notes, one of the few i really like commercially roasted.

2) From: stereoplegic
stereoplegic wrote:
to answer one of my own questions, yes, bottom of the cup, and now it's 
chocolate-covered blueberries, dipped in a nice shiraz. nice.

3) From: Eddie Dove
while on the topic of cooling, does anyone else notice a decline in the
flavor of kenyans as they cool?
I have not noticed a decline, but did notice changes.  You may have better
results when you home roast some.  I got a really good delicate lemon out of
the Hiriga that maintained while the cup cooled.

4) From: scott miller
Well, now that you mention it, I have been drinking Kenya & Zimbabwe coffees
this week. It does seem that I prefer them at the warmer part of the cup.
They're fine when cooler, but more enjoyable to me when warmer. That's the
opposite of how I feel about many other origins.
On 12/3/06, Eddie Dove  wrote:

5) From: Scott Marquardt
A Kenyan I roast (city) is really, really a favorite with everyone. I like
it as it cools, but the aromatics are so attractive when it's hot that I
suspect its attenuation with cooling is a sad farewell to the palate.
I like it iced too. Those same aromatics -- hibernated by the ice -- awaken
when warmed on the palate.
I once took the bean dark for customers simply because it was a forgiving
bean for that. No more. I'm done wasting such great coffee that way. And
taking advantage of its good nature with such abuse was just mean of me.
- S
On 12/3/06, stereoplegic  wrote:

6) From: stereoplegic
stereoplegic wrote:
correcting myself , "decline" isn't the right word. the kenyans i've had 
seemed to grow in really tart  acidity as they cooled, almost tasting 
like they were overextracted, even when they seemed perfect for the 
first half of the cup: like going from oranges to that horrible bottled 
lemon juice (great for cooking, but not so much for drinking, a 
childhood lesson i'll never forget) in the process. i'm sure this 
description still isn't quite adequate, but can't think of any other.
southcoastcoffeeroaster wrote:
i hope you're right, eddie. i really don't mind lemon. i love 
ethiopians: the yirg. WP oromia was amazing, and the DP sidamo and WP 
yirg. i got from a local grocer have been great so far (just dipping 
into the local yirg., pretty mild 1 day after roast but still very good, 
sidamo was awesome and is long gone). definite lemon in all of these. 
the problem is the harshness i've been getting as otherwise great cups 
of kenya cooled. hopefully roasting my own will fix this (still not 
quite sure why i haven't picked up some kenyan greens yet).

7) From: stereoplegic
scott.marquardt wrote:
yeah, as i mentioned before, i love it from commercial roasters who 
don't char away the citrus notes. surprisingly enough, i've found *$ to 
be the most citrusy (they call it grapefruit, i hate grapefruit, i'd say 
more like orange, but either way it's very citrusy and sweet. i know 
lots of ppl say *$ chars away the origin flavors, but i have to disagree 
on this particular origin, and i like their sidamo too). local roaster 
duncan coffee does a pretty good job w/ their kenya, though the winey 
notes tend to be neck and neck w/ the citrus, sometimes predominant. 
their sidamo sucks (not sure if they actually roast this one, the bag 
said "pura vida," a fair trade organization (this one was organic too. i 
wasn't impressed w/ another local, katz coffee, but then again, their 
offerings sheet states that all their varietals are vienna roast, unless 
specified under the dark roast field (huh?!? their harrar dark roast is 
french; what a waste!).

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