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Topic: Honduras Pacamara - Santa Marta Estate (5 msgs / 74 lines)
1) From: Eddie Dove
If you haven't tried this coffee, you are missing out on a real treat,
especially if you enjoy the Indonesian coffees.
Recently Les wrote the following, "In my Popper roasting if I wanted to slow
a roast down, I would do it when the beans turned the straw color and you
got the grassy smell.  I don't know if you can see the beans in the Gene,
but if you can that might be the place in your profile to slow it down a
bit.  This is where the bean really expands and getting heat in at that
point in the roast is critical for a nice even roast.  By slowing the roast
down at that place in the profile, it allows the heat to get into the
beanbefore the carmalization begins to insulate the interior of the
That gold nugget of information combined with the recent information from
miKe, led me to try some "profiling" with the Gene Cafe yesterday.  With
only 24 hours rest, I got exactly what Tom describes in his cupping notes.
This coffee is similar in flavors to an Indonesian, but much more refined
and sweet.  It does not slam itself down on the palate, but rather offers
itself up in a very inviting manner.  In the dry aroma, I got a very
distinct mint aroma, but in the cup it was ever so subtle, just a nuance
that laced together the more earthy flavors.  It does become more rustic as
it cools, but right at the very end, there is a very subtle, almost
imperceptible taste of chocolate as the coffee becomes more creamy and

2) From: Les
It is always fun to see new roasters grow in their knowledge of
roasting.  Mike, thanks for the detailed response to Eddie.
On 12/3/06, Eddie Dove  wrote:

3) From: Eddie Dove
I love this list and all of the awesome folks here!
Thanks again to everyone!
On 12/3/06, Les  wrote:

4) From: Kevin
What was the temperature 'profile' that you used?
On 12/3/06, Eddie Dove  wrote:
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5) From: Eddie Dove
I am writing it up and I will put it in a new thread for the sake of making
it easy to find in the archives.  I wanted to wait a little bit before
publishing it just in case it turned out not to be so good.
On 12/4/06, Kevin  wrote:

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