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1) From: Eddie Dove
Some of you folks mention this as a taste reference and I had never heard of
it until this list.  Where does one find this stuff?

2) From: mikeraz
Eddie Dove wrote:
Import stores, like Cost Plus, are one option.  Widely available as a
confection in Europe.  Maybe a trip to Belgium or France is in order?
      Michael Rasmussen, Portland Oregon  
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3) From: Alchemist John
I have made my own.  It works with the same equipment that I use to 
make chocolate.  Praline paste too.
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John Nanci
AlChemist at large
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4) From: Eddie Dove
Send some.
On 12/3/06, Alchemist John  wrote:

5) From: Alchemist John
All I have is chocolate at the moment (for holiday gifts).  No 
praline or marzipan.
At 18:33 12/3/2006, you wrote:
John Nanci
AlChemist at large
Zen Roasting , Blending & Espresso pulling by Gestalthttp://www.chocolatealchemy.com/

6) From: Dan Bollinger
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Marzipan, to me, has a flavor that is a cross between maple syrup and =

7) From: Eddie Dove
Shucks ...
On 12/3/06, Alchemist John  wrote:

8) From: Sharon Allsup
On 12/3/06, Eddie Dove  wrote:
Here in Georgia, try Publix and Kroger, or an import food store or
ethnic food store (local Indo-Pak and Asian groceries sometimes have
it here).  I've also seen it at places that cater to cake decorators,
such as AC Moore and Michael's.
One Publix has it tucked in next to the almond paste and cake
decorating candies.  Another  has it with the chocolate chips & baking
chocolates.  It's one of those items that they devote minimal shelf
space to, and it can be tough to find.
If you just want to see what it tastes like, and can't find it, well,
marzipan tastes like a more almondy sort of almond paste because IIRC
that's the only real difference between the two:  if it doesn't have
at least 25% almonds, it's almond paste and not marzipan.  (don't hold
me to that, going off something I heard in cake decorating class)  So
you could just buy some almond paste and imagine it with more almonds

9) From: Jeff Bensen
Eddie -
This is something that I usually make several batches of at Christmas 
time from a family recipe. It's not very difficult, and tastes better 
than any of the store-bought varieties I have tried.
I'm sure there are numerous recipe variations, and make no claim that 
mine is more authentic. But it is quite good and usually results in 
whining, pleading, threats and extortion from those I give Marzipan 
to, until I cave in and give them some more.
If you have an interest (or anyone else for that matter), contact me 
off list and I'll be happy to email the recipe.
- Jeff Bensen
   Palm Bay, FL
At 10:48 PM 12/3/2006, "Eddie Dove" wrote:

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