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1) From: Maryann & Dave Schellenberg
If you don't read alt.coffee, and you are interested in a more 
programmable Hottop, check out the news on the HotTop USA site.
No price or date details available yet.
Dave S.

2) From: Jim Russell
Thanks for the heads up, Dave.  It's nice to see that they decided to make
this an upgrade for the current hottop models.  Last I had heard it was only
going to be available as a whole machine.
  I love my digital Hottop, but I'm very excited about being able to try
some different profiles.  There are definitely some beans out there that
would benefit from that.  Hopefully the upgrade will be available at a good
On 12/6/06, Maryann & Dave Schellenberg  wrote:
Roasting them almost as fast as they come

3) From:
Hi Jim, Dave:
I have the original Hot Top, bought from Tom in 2002/2003, it cranks out almost daily without the "advantage" of a profile. Do we really need added CONTROLS.
Jim you mentioned you have the digital Hot Top and I wonder if it roasts any differently then mine does? This query is not meant to be a negative comment.
Regardless of the built in CONTROLS anyone has over their roaster, the outcome is still up to the person who dumps the beans into the roaster. 
My old Hot Top came with a "little white book" of profiles and since anything/everything can change the roast why leave it up to the machine to do anything but heat up and hope it gets to temp? 
Profiles of a coffee roasts are like profiles of people, nothing fits in the donut hole!!
warmest regards,
---- Jim Russell  wrote: 

4) From: Maryann & Dave Schellenberg
pchforever wrote:
I also have the digital model, and there are two improvements I would 
like to see:
- accurate measurement of bean mass temperature. The current temperature 
display is far off the temp as measured with a digital probe into the 
bean mass.
- faster heating before first crack. If I could get roasts done to FC+ 
in 13 minutes rather than 18, I suspect my roasts would be improved. I 
think the heating element is capable of this, but the fan comes on when 
I don't need it to, and keeps the ramp slope very horizontal
Dave S.

5) From: Jeffrey Pawlan
The owner of Cheng Yue "borrowed" some of my roaster control ideas but she did
not have any interest in licensing or buying my software or control system to
sell with the hottops. She was downright rude to me at the SCAA exhibition in
The retrofit relies on using the same temperature sensor in the back wall of
the hottop. It is neither accurate nor can it respond quickly. From the size of
the thermistor's mass, and mounting, I believe that it has a response time of
much more than 20 seconds. It does not measure the air (environment) temperature
at all, nor can it log.
Of course, theirs is going to be far less money than the computer controlled
roasters which I made and sold, but I believe it will be too high to compete
favorably in the low cost homeroasting market with the i-roast2 or gene.
Jeffrey Pawlan

6) From:
You are correct about the fan coming on at unwanted times; I smack it into plus, plus asap and it seems to stop the fan and continue to roast at a higher temp.
I am not sure Dave, for a reasonable cost, that the homeroaster can get a machine to fulfill bean mass temp or accurate temp period.
I think if someone wants a fast roast they should use a Fresh Roast 8 or popper.
With my Hot Top, I put the beans in when I turn on the machine to allow for the extra temp and time.
---- Maryann & Dave Schellenberg  wrote: 

7) From: James
Maryann & Dave Schellenberg wrote:
> I also have the digital model, an=
d there are two improvements I would 
> like to see:
> - accurate measu=
rement of bean mass temperature. The current temperature 
> display is fa=
r off the temp as measured with a digital probe into the 
> bean mass.
> in 13 minutes rather than 18, I suspect my roasts would be improved. I=
> think the heating element is capable of this, but the fan comes on wh=
> I don't need it to, and keeps the ramp slope very horizontal
eep in mind that many manufacturers consider a moderate slope heat profile =
to be an advantage. With too much heat too fast you risk roasting the bean =
on the outside and having a baked kernel. Especially for larger weight roas=
James in Southern CA=
Have a =
burning question?  
Go to www.Answers.yahoo.com and get answers from real=
 people who know.

8) From: Zara Haimo
I originally got the analog HotTop and then upgraded to the digital control
panel.  I haven't noticed any difference in the roasts, but obviously I
can't do a side by side comparison.  What I like about the digital panel is
the temperature sensor.  It doesn't give a specific reading of anything in
particular, but it's very consistent roast to roast so I can check roast
progress just by looking at the temperature - 1st crack usually comes about
385 and 2nd about 405 degrees.  The one change I would like is the ability
to slow the roast a bit between 1st and 2nd - when I roast with my heat
gun/dog bowl, I always stretch the time between 1st and 2nd. With the built
in profile the HotTop has, I don't get much separation between them.

9) From: Maryann & Dave Schellenberg
James wrote:
I'd like to hear Jeffrey Pawlan's views on speeding up the HotTop roast. 
Given full control of the HotTop heating element and fan, what does he 
do with that control?
Dave S.

10) From: miKe mcKoffee
OTH keep in mind that serious drum roasters like a Dietrich are quite
capable of faster ramps (relatively speaking to a stock HotTop), even roasts
and 15min or less roast times not a problem. 
Kona Konnaisseur miKe mcKoffee
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11) From: Michael Dhabolt
On 12/6/06, Jeffrey Pawlan  wrote:
Have you considered building a more robust, well mounted and accurate temp
sensing arrangement that could be retrofitted into the Hot Top control
system?  Possibly a TC with the associated circuitry that would provide the
native control system(s) with the expected level signal?  Just noodeling:~)
Mike (just plain)

12) From: Daniel Sortwell
There is a limit to how much heat can be transferred from the heating 
element to the drum and into the beans. I had a heating element glowing 
red at 900 Watts and the drum began to warp - it is really not designed 
to take a lot of heat.
I was able to speed things up by placing a Milwaukee 8977 variable 
temperature heat gun in the bean chute - by coincidence the nozzle fits 
down into the bean chute in a stable position. However, I am still not 
satisfied with the heat transfer into the beans - I am now rebuilding my 
HotTop with higher drum rpm and other mods.
I also replaced the exhaust fan with Philmore 70-6412, available at 
www.minute-man.com and with the same dimensions as the stock fan. This 
fan is 110v and I was able to vary the air flow using a small variac. 
Let me know off-line if want mine (the fan, not the variac) - I no 
longer need it.
Regards, Dan S.
Maryann & Dave Schellenberg wrote:

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