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Topic: Krups portafilter size (26 msgs / 407 lines)
1) From: Sheila Quinn
A friend of mine is using a Krups espresso machine and loves it. She 
says she spent around $200, so it's obviously one of the thermoblock 
models rather than the steam toy. I didn't have the heart to tell her 
that she could have had a much better one for the money! She loves it, 
so I guess that's what counts. Sounds like she is drinking milk drinks 
only, not really straight shots.
Anyway, she's still using the plastic toy tamper and complaining about 
it. She didn't know they make better ones until I mentioned it, but 
knowing her, she won't buy one. I doubt she even knows where to get one, 
especially the correct size. Which brings me to my question....
Does anyone know the correct size of the Krups portafilter? I've checked 
several placed online and cannot find it listed - I guess since these 
machines aren't really so great, nobody "decent" stocks them. I thought 
I would just buy her a different tamper for Christmas if I knew what 
size to get! It won't be anything fancy like a Thor, but anything is 
better than that plastic thing!

2) From: Les
It depends on the machine.  It could be a 49mm, 51mm, or a 53mm.
On 12/6/06, Sheila Quinn  wrote:

3) From: Sheila Quinn
Okay, I'll ask some more questions... but in a sneaky sort of way! :)
Les wrote:

4) From: Tom Gaskell
If you owned a Thor and if she were a good friend, you would buy her the
Thor!  ;^)
Tis the season.....
My Thor Tamper is a fully functioning work of art.  I got mine 3 years ago
and it is still a joy to use for every shot I pull!!
On 12/6/06, Sheila Quinn  wrote:

5) From: Brian Kamnetz
On 12/7/06, Tom Gaskell  wrote:
I don't know, it might be a waste to buy her a Thor for the Krups. You could
give her a tamper that fits her current machine, and give her a photo of a
Thor, and tell her that you will give her a "real" tamper when she buys a
real espresso machine.... (Of course, you may want to word it more

6) From: Brett Mason
"You know, Hildegard, that plastic tamper seems totally perfect for the
espresso machine you are using.  It's highly disposable, resource efficient,
and designed to work with Folgers, right out of the can.
Did you know you can pour old espresso back into the top of the Krups, and
you will actually augment the taste of your subsequent beverages?
I am frustrated that I had to put out for the really expensive equipment.
That's one of the down-sides of the gourmet coffee pursuit.
You really are lucky!"
On 12/7/06, Brian Kamnetz  wrote:

7) From: Sheila Quinn
LOL - that's what I was thinking, too! ;)
Brian Kamnetz wrote:

8) From: Sheila Quinn
ROFL - funny, but I don't think the sarcastic approach would work. I 
don't want to hurt her feelings. ;)
Brett Mason wrote:

9) From: Justin Marquez
On 12/7/06, Sheila Quinn  wrote:
The fact is - you said that she loves the machine and its results.
Who are we to say it does not meet her needs?  It is like telling
others "You MUST drink the coffee black!" when they love it with
cream'n'sugar.  Not everyone can spend a bundle on espresso equipment
and some folks who can just aren't "into it" that much.  I say it
isn't worth endangering a friendship to correct her in the "error of
her ways". Not everyone is a coffee snob.
Safe Journeys and Sweet Music
Justin Marquez (CYPRESS, TX)

10) From: Sheila Quinn
Exactly! I don't think she thinks about coffee nearly as much as we do. :)
If she thinks it's good, then fine. Just a year ago, and for many years, 
she was avoiding coffee altogether because she cannot have caffeine. 
Perhaps she had a decaf latte at *$ and realized it would be better to 
do it herself at home. Nothing wrong with that! Not everyone is meant to 
be a coffee geek, that's for sure.
Justin Marquez wrote:

11) From: Les
One of the best shots I have ever had was from a DeLonghi. The guy behind
the handle was Alchemist John.  It was one of those days where we tweaked
and tweaked the grind till we had it just right.  Espresso has more to do
with knowing what you are doing.  I pulled some shots on a new machine last
night (The list is in for a big surprise on Monday!).  First shot was a
sinker.  The second an awesome ristretto, and the third a perfect cappo for
Becky.  It is the guy or gal behind the machine that makes the shot!
On 12/7/06, Sheila Quinn  wrote:

12) From: Jeremy DeFranco
     I have to ask, was the DeLonghi pump or steam-driven?
---One of the best shots I have ever had was from a DeLonghi. The guy behind
the handle was Alchemist John.

13) From: Les
On 12/7/06, Jeremy DeFranco  wrote:

14) From: Brian Kamnetz
On 12/7/06, Les  wrote:
I am REALLY looking forward to Monday...!!! (Any hints?)

15) From: Barry Luterman
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I know Brett is using Minute Rice to clean his grinder

16) From: Brett Mason
I use rice, and it takes a little less than a minute!
Knew that would clarify!
On 12/7/06, Barry Luterman  wrote:

17) From: Bill Morgan
FWIW, my cheapo thrift store DeLonghi makes a much better shot than my
theoretically better cheapo thrift store Krups.  (Both pumps)
Someday I'll find my cheapo thrift store Rocky and Sylvia...
On 12/7/06, Jeremy DeFranco  wrote:

18) From: Sheila Quinn
Sure - side-by-side at the Salvation Army for $20 each, right? ;)
Bill Morgan wrote:

19) From: Bill Morgan
You got it.  :-)  Hey, I paid $2-3 each for the DeLonghi and the Krups, both
retailing over $100, and $5 for my Bodum Santos.
Just a matter of patience...
On 12/7/06, Sheila Quinn  wrote:

20) From: Sheila Quinn
I really need to start checking out those second-hand shops around here. 
Keep thinking about it, but I never *do* it!!!
Bill Morgan wrote:

21) From: Bill Morgan
It really is worth while, but it does take patience.  I just sat back and
mentally counted:  There are about 10 thrift stores I check into regularly
(some weekly, some more like monthly) and several more that I stop by if I
happen to be in their end of town.  In a little over two years I've picked
6 Poppery IIs
1 new style Popcorn Pumper
2 Poppery Is
1 old style Pumper
1 Stir Crazy
2 convection ovens
3 bread machines
2 pump espresso machines
3 moka pots
1 Bodum Santos
I think the convection overs were the most expensive, at about $20.  I'm
currently looking for a quality grinder and espresso machine as well as more
vacuum pots.
The quest goes on...
Have fun,
On 12/7/06, Sheila Quinn  wrote:

22) From: Bill Morgan
Oh, and a variac.  That will require finding surplus electronic joints,

23) From: Sheila Quinn
I'd say you've done pretty well! Wow!!!
Bill Morgan wrote:

24) From: raymanowen
"Someday I'll find my cheapo thrift store Rocky and Sylvia..."
Meanwhile, you're blowing cheapo thrift store green coffee beans with
equipment that might make a Great Gift if it functioned properly?
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
Don't forget the Garden Claw- Makes a Great Gift.

25) From: LInda Reese
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Bill, you seem to have several "high-end" thrift stores in your area! So =
far, the one's around here (Albany, NY) have been pretty slim pickings. =
I'm also fairly certain that I've checked out every TuesdayMorning on =
the East Coast for those elusive Krups MokaBrews! However, your note =
reminded me of a friend who used to work an a counselor in an alcohol =
and substance abuse treatment center affiliated with one of the local =
hospitals. Many of the guys in rehab needed basic clothing, as well as a =
suit or sport coat for job interviews. She began to stake out the =
hospital thrift shop for them. It seemed that every spring and fall, =
like clockwork, many of the hospital docs would get rid of really great =
used clothing. Thanks to her, some of her guys ended up going on job =
interviews wearing Irish tweed jackets or designer suits! It's only now =
occurred to me to stop in and see what other treasures that thrift store =
might have to offer!  Thanks for the memory jolt! I'll let you know if I =
find anything good, Linda

26) From: Brian Kamnetz
On 12/7/06, Sheila Quinn  wrote:
Hey, it could happen. IIRC, Les got his Major for $35 in a thrift store.

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