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Topic: Please Read!!!! RE: +Christmas Tradition Gift 2006 (5 msgs / 92 lines)
1) From: miKe mcKoffee
Hey, I'm not kidding. If BOTH choice of A,B or C greens/roasted AND snail
mail addy included you'll NOT be entered! I won't have the time to track the
winner down later and want to get it to the winner ASAP after the drawing.
AND I'm not going to send out any more direct email reminders to those that
haven't been following the request.
Yes I'm being a hard ass, so be it!!! 
The directions aren't that complicated!!!
And they are for the benefit of the winner!!!
Just specify A,B or C greens/roasted wise (see below) AND include your snail
mail addy.
Is it really that tough?!?!
Now back to outdoor Christmas lights finishing/additional touches.
Thank-you in advance.
**********THIS IS THE FINAL WARNING**********
!!!!!!Future INCOMPLETE entries will simply be deleted with no reply!!!!!!

2) From: miKe mcKoffee
Ok I fibbed and just email someone asking them to re-enter including their
snail mail addy AND clarified snail mail addy = mailing address NOT email
address! ;-)
So, to really really clarify please include your choice of greens/roasted A,
B or C AND your mailing address, as in Postal mailing address.
Now this IS the last, final, end of any further reminders/warnings!
(unless there's another one...)
NOTE: I am however still waiting for two people to re-enter properly with
both information included (did email them back asking for said information
with clarification...) AND they won't be entered in the drawing unless they
do, sorry just call me Scrooge:-)

3) From: Aaron
Well Mike, the way I see it, if someone messes up entering and whines 
later about it, send em a full pound of ugh roasted to vienna +++. 

4) From: miKe mcKoffee
You know Aaron, I STILL have 1/4# of the very first Ugh Vietnamese Disgusta
Tom offered years ago... Oh how devious!

5) From:
gee, I missed it, how do I enter?
---- miKe mcKoffee  wrote: 

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