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1) From: Kevin
Home Roasters,
last night I roasted a 1/2lb of Yemeni Mokha Sana'ani to FC and brewed the
first pot (4cups) this morning.  I know Tom is very clear about allowing two
days rest but it was either the Sana'ani on 12hrs rest or Gevalia on G-d
knows how much rest.  The grounds dry aroma had a very strong clove scent
with a hint of apricot but I'm not picking up the spice in the cup.  Does
the spice develop with the additional rest?
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2) From: Alchemist John
Yes, a whole array of flavors develop as it rests.  I like most 
Mokha's 4-5 days at least.
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John Nanci
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3) From: Ken Mary
You develop spice by slowing the ramp before second and stopping at or just
before the first snap of second. Very often the spice will increase after 2
or 3 days rest. I am speaking in general, having not roasted enough Yemen to
say for sure. IMO you can destroy the spice by cooling the roast too fast.

4) From: Sharon Allsup
Sometimes, being a true coffee snob requires making sacrifices.
... like allocating shelf space to Gevalia for guests who can't drink
our stuff ... *sigh*
Yes.  My suggestion would be to go roast something else for tomorrow,
and let the rest of the Yemen sit.  Properly stored, it is simply ...
wonderful ... and complex as all get-out ... after several days.  All
sorts of subtle spicings and overtones come out by day 5.  It's still
great on 7 & 8, too.

5) From: Michael Wascher
For them, they can go down the street ... McD's, 7-11, a couple of diners to
choose from.
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6) From: Eddie Dove
I just roasted that last weekend and the spice did not show up until the 5th
day for me.
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7) From: Kevin
I'll stop worrying and put the beans on the shelf for days 4 or 5.  I have
some Colombian Huila - Palestina roasted the same day as well. Tomorrow
it'll have 36 hrs rest.
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8) From: stereoplegic
all this talk about resting has reminded me of a question i haven't seen 
an answer for (not that i plan on putting the answer to use anytime soon 
as i have no espresso machine :( ... yet ;) ...). i've read that 
espresso is best after @ least 3 days rest and that most prefer 4. i've 
also read that decaf roasted for brew/press i ready to go right away. my 
question is, what about decaf espresso? same as regular espresso, or 
less because of the decaf process? safe and happy holidays to all...

9) From: stereoplegic
sorry that was supposed to be *_is_*, not _*i*_.
stereoplegic wrote:

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