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Topic: (very OT) Cold Weather & Chapped Hands (6 msgs / 138 lines)
1) From: Leo Zick

2) From: Bob
I too suffer from cracked hands in the winter. Swear by a product called 
Aquaphor--over the counter at most drug stores.

3) From: Aaron
I don't know if they make it anymore but I remember some stuff called  
Dermassage  or derma massage or something like that, was a gunk that you 
squirted on your hands / skin and rubbed in that seemed to work very well.

4) From: John David Huddle
I use AmLacitn  12% Moisturizing Lotion or cream to keep my fingers from 
It really smarts when theres a break in the skin, but if I use it regularly, 
I don't have the problem.
It's OTC stuff, but I have to ask the pharmicist to get it for me.
Lachydrin is about the same stuffl
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5) From: Angelo
Corn Huskers Lotion

6) From: Rudy Ramsey
I've tried everything (I think), and settled (with help from my physician)
on Curel. Really works, doesn't hurt, and works well both as a preventive
measure and to cure existing cracks. I live in Denver, which is very dry.

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