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Topic: The Perils of ADD, was:Starbucks--Black Apron (8 msgs / 230 lines)
1) From: Lynne
You gave me a good laugh.
One time my daughter was going to put the milk away in the microwave. 
My son is forever cursing me for giving him my genes ... everytime he 
loses his keys... or, more likely, loses something he had his hands on 
two minutes before.
I've been in a constant state of confusion these past couple of weeks. 
Time to move. Oh, I hate moving.
Decided to get stuff done as early as possible.
Emptied the closets. Great. Now I have stuff EVERYWHERE. I have managed 
to move stuff from one end of each room... to the other end.
And I'm more confused than ever.
My son's suggestion? Just do it all (packing & everything) the day of 
our move. Says he's moved plenty of his friends, and that's what he's 
You know - as stress-filling as that idea is to me - maybe he has the 
best idea.
(whose favorite book title is: "The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat")
On Dec 21, 2006, at 9:56 AM, Brett Mason wrote:

2) From: Derek Bradford
I bet you'd love Korea.  Here, you pack your very breakables, and the
moving company does the rest.  They come to your apartment, pack
everything up, move it out (generally through the window of your
highrise apartment), take it to the new place, and unpack it, trying
to mimic what they saw when they packed.  This all happens, insured,
while you go to work.  It is bliss, and it costs less than $500.
On 12/22/06, Lynne  wrote:
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3) From: Lynne
Why, oh, why can't we have this HERE!!! (although I have to laugh at 
the thought: "try to mimic what they saw when they packed.." They could 
just throw everything in the air, and leave it where it landed.)
(a very jealous) Lynne
On Dec 21, 2006, at 10:17 AM, Derek Bradford wrote:

4) From: Leo Zick
The US offers the same service, they are called moving companies.  ;)
(granted, not the $500 variety)

5) From: Leo Zick
Would it help to do a small amount at a time? Like, pack all summer stuff
now, since you know you wont miss it?
My family has accumulated so much crap after living in the same house for
over 40 yrs, I cant imagine them ever moving :(

6) From: Lynne
It's not as bad as I thought it was, at first. What I'm doing now is 
just pack stuff I think I won't need to use.
What really confuses me is having too many commitments. Like, if it was 
JUST moving, I think I'd be fine. But I am (well, was - semester is 
officially over) going to school. Needed to take incompletes because 
the semester was so stressful. So I have all the work that needs to get 
done, plus I felt that I needed to sell some furniture, cuz I'm going 
into a smaller apt. - and there have been other pressing things, too.
So I just stepped back, watched some movies to decompress. Now I have 
to deal w/AAA. And the possibility that I won't have a car (cuz if it's 
too much money to repair - I'll just junk it).
Think I'll go to the archives & read some of the Laugh entries. I need 
to laugh right now!
On Dec 21, 2006, at 10:23 AM, Leo Zick wrote:

7) From: Lynne
BTW, this is JUST 2 yrs of stuff. I moved to and from AZ a couple of 
years ago (two years exactly, as a matter of fact). I am SUCH a clutter 
On Dec 21, 2006, at 10:23 AM, Leo Zick wrote:

8) From: raymanowen
AND- the Necessary and maybe Sufficient backups to the US moving companies
are called Insurance Companies. The moving companies' hiring ex-baggage
mashers and their customer service operators practicing their Alfred E.
Newman [not the conductor] presence necessitates a certain customer
awareness to get your property restored or replaced after it's been run
through a hammer mill or just LOST.
I was at Taegu Air Route Traffic Control Center tending the radio relay site
to Palgong-san.
Maybe a dozen Koreans were starting to move a big pile of rocks at the ARTCC
in burlap bags on their backs. I thought, "We didn't fly our 1st Mob 6X6
trucks up from Clark, just to watch Koreans break their backs."
"Hey, Yobosaio- just throw them in the truck- I'll move 'em where you want,"
and I moved the truck over to the rock pile with the gate down and the bench
seats up. I put the gate back up so they could fill it more.
"Show me where you want 'em," and I had to chase them away ["Cotta the Hell
Chogie"] after I lowered the gate and let me use the Inertial Rock Slide
Unloading System IRSUS.
In a half-hour, we moved all the rocks and I went back to my maintenance.
Next time I saw the 6-by, it was Speckless!! I hated to climb in it and
drive down the hill.
I understand Koreans love coffee shops but almost have to amortize the
habit- right, Derek?
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
"The indisputable truth is that no coffee is fresh if it isn't fresh
roasted." - - Martin Diedrich

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