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Topic: Vacuum brewers (8 msgs / 128 lines)
1) From: Bernard Gerrard
Can the Cona vacuum brewer be used without the spirit lamp...like the 
other, unavailable, vacuum units.  Just buy the components without the 
spirit lamp set up.  I am sure this will get more comments than my Bach 
era coffee questions and skunk cookery!  Bernard

2) From: Barry Luterman
Yes if you are using a gas stove use a heat disperser probably even advised 
for an electric stove

3) From: MichaelB
Try using a kettle to heat the water first, to about 180, then add water to
brewer and use the flame for the last little bit of heating. And even if you
do most of your brewing on the stove, there'll be the occasional time you'll
want to set it up on the dining room table to entertain guests.
On 12/21/06, Bernard Gerrard  wrote:

4) From: normand szcyrek
What's the purpose of the heat disperser? I've used
mine without one and it worked fine.  Am I taking some
sort of risk by not using a disperser?  I'm assuming
the disperser is used to more evenly distribute the
gas heat to the surface of the glass bottom, but I
don't understand why that would help it or reduce some
sort of risk.
--- Barry Luterman  wrote:
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5) From: Barry Luterman
Both the manufacturer and Tom advise it. As to the physics behind it there 
are others on the list more qualifies than I am.

6) From: Rich Adams
It is used on ELECTRIC stoves, I think to protect the glass from a super 
heated metal conductor like an electric stove top.

7) From: Claus Thøgersen
With my normal electricity powered stove I can use a bodum Santos without 
any extra defuser. On the other hand the few times I tried to wok roast on 
the same stove I could not get the required heat so my stove is probably not 
generating much heat.
To speed up the process I boil water in a electric boiler or whatever the 
correct term is and just use the stove heat to force the almost  boiling 
water in the top part of the santos.
Claus Thøgersen
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Fra: "normand szcyrek" 
Sendt: 2. januar 2007 20:36
Emne: Re: +Vacuum brewers

8) From: Aaron
It's main purpose is to not only help evenly distribute the heat but to 
prevent extreme stress on the vac pot in case of a 'hot spot' and 
possibly cracking / shattering.

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