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1) From: Vicki Smith
Noob question, ahead, be kind...
In coffees like the wonderful current SM Yirgacheffe, there is a time 
during the roast when the air is filled with the citrus fragrance. It 
seems to happen when 1st crack is still in process. At the point when I 
would normally pull these beans, shortly after the end of 1st, the smell 
is gone.
I still get some citrus in the cup, but it made me wonder if there is 
ever a situation where one would pull a roast before 1st had truly 
ended, and if the absence of varietal smells means that I am missing 
something special.
I'm thinking that yes, I would get more citrus, but the advantages would 
be offset by the fact that the beans had not really come up to temp and 
would be grassy.
Any thoughts before I risk having to get rid of a load of very nice 
beans that I under roast?

2) From: Brett Mason
1. I am never afraid to throw the beans back in for another round in the roaster
2. Maybe a melange with 25% of very light roasted and 75% the way you
normally go - this could give the aroma and taste accent you are
On 12/22/06, Vicki Smith  wrote:

3) From: Vicki Smith
Good thought. I have done similar things with other beans.
I've also done roasts with a portion in my IR2 and the rest in my bread 
machine. The IR2 roasts are faster and result in a brighter cup, not 
something I especially prize for some beans. Even at the same degree of 
roast, the IR2 roasts are different enough from the bread machine roasts 
to make the combination unique.
Brett Mason wrote:

4) From: Peter Zulkowski
Hi Vicki,
Can you try to scoop out a sample of the roast when you get this nice aroma?
Use a ladle or some such to get enough for a small pot, then you can 
test it with out wasting the whole batch if it is not favorable.
Good luck and let us know please,
Vicki Smith wrote:

5) From: Vicki Smith
I've never made coffee with absolutely no rest, but what the heck...
It's certainly doable in my bread machine roaster and I can make a small 
moka pot full to check it out. Fast and easy.
Peter Zulkowski wrote:

6) From: Tom Ulmer
I've had similar thoughts during some roasts...
The conventional wisdom is not to pull before first completes. I've
experimented with some long ramps to first of 15-18 minutes and pulled
during the first and slow cooled with some very interesting results but
never with Yirgacheffe.

7) From:
sure, pull the roast, remember it is still roasting until the beans cool.
let us know.
---- Vicki Smith  wrote: 

8) From: raymanowen
Just where do you put beans that you have under roasted?
Half way through a normal roast, what do you do with those beans? They're
all under roasted. Keep on keepin' on.
I did that on purpose once, when I had just started HG/DB roasting. My $9.99
Glorious Orange Tool King HG had become a handful of smoking, popping blue
fire on my first 800g roast
First Crack was just getting under way. It was miles from brewing a
drinkable cup. I tried that. So I whipped out a couple of poppers and
finished up about 6 oz of roast. The poppers went quickly into Second Crack.
It made for quite a good cup, so I usually try to coax a few beans into
Second Crack, just to have two mileposts to measure the progress of the
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
Help this hopes-

9) From: Vicki Smith
This is what I know so far. I put 300 grams in my bread machine (about 
1/2 of what I normally roast), and pulled some beans at 10 minutes in, 
in the middle of first crack, when the air was filled with citrus 
smells. I roasted the rest of the beans for 3.5 more minutes, stopping 
about two minutes after 1st had ended, and the citrus smell was gone.
Both were cooled in less than a minute. It's -11 C here and I have a 
heck of a fan setup.
I then made two aeropress cups. The first one didn't really taste 
grassy, but boy oh boy was it lemony puckery sour. The cup made from the 
completed roast lacked body (expected 30 minutes after pulling the 
roast) but the cup, once cool, had more body and seemed like a sorta 
untamed adolescent version of what would, with a day or so rest, be a 
very nice cup with the features Tom describes in his write-up.
So I guess my no rest test produced something pretty much undrinkable 
(well unless sour really turns you on) from the beans pulled in the 
middle of first crack, and what I pretty much expected for beans that 
finished roasting at their usual time. I have enough beans to be able to 
compare the two again tomorrow.
As an aside, I am pretty sure my results would have been different if I 
had roasted in my IR2. First crack with this batch of Yirg. begins in 
that machine about 6 minutes into the roast. I am pretty sure the beans 
improved by having the slower ramp up in the bread machine.

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