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Topic: coffee advice needed (16 msgs / 475 lines)
1) From: Kevin
I need to replenish my stash of greens pretty soon as I only have
about 2.5 weeks worth left.  I have the following conundrum:
1) Reorder the following now with suggested modifications from the
group (I drip brew with a swissgold filter or French Press).  12lbs to
maximize Harvey...this will be ~12 week supply as well.
Guatemala Fraijanes - Finca Agua Tibia -2 lbs
Panama Hacienda La Esmeralda Gesha - LIMIT 1 #
Guatemala "Blue Quetzal" Bourbon -2 lbs
Congo Kivu Peaberry -2 lbs
Rwanda Migongo Bourbon  -2 lbs
Costa Rica SM Select Peaberry -2 lbs
Ethiopia Organic Dry Process Sidamo -1 lb
2) Hold out 2.5 weeks for potential new arrivals...
I'd appreciate any input as I can't make a decision when it comes to
food or coffee to save my life!  Thanks!
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2) From: Jeff Oien
I would think there is a greater chance of beans in #1 running out
than new beans running out by the time you reorder.
Kevin wrote:

3) From: Eddie Dove
You might want to make some room for the Timor FTO Maubesse (one can smell
the woods in the aroma, excellent) and the Mexico Organic Nayarit Terruno
(light, crisp, clear, great for giving the palate a rest).  This is based on
drip brewing with a Swissgold filter.
On 12/28/06, Kevin  wrote:
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4) From: Les
How about this plan.  List all of Tom's offerings on a sheet of paper.  Put
it out at 15-20 feet, and throw 6 darts at the list.  The six coffees that
get jabbed by the darts are the six two pounders you will order for a Harvey
shipment of 12 pounds.  You can't go wrong with Sweet Marias, and it takes
all the pressure off what to order.
On 12/28/06, Eddie Dove  wrote:

5) From: TINK1969
Loving your idea Les!

6) From: Kevin
That's probably a good plan Les!  I just love trying different coffee
but 12lbs will last me ~3 months.  Judging by the production/shipping
table on Tom's site the next few months should bring some great new
arrivals that are not to be missed!
On 12/28/06, Les  wrote:
My home coffee roasting blog:http://homecoffeeroastblog.blogspot.com/Kevin

7) From: Larry English
The only thing I'm waiting for, Kevin, is the Kona crop, but I wouldn't put
off placing your order now - your list looks very good to me.  Another way
of saying what Les advised is to just do it - pick 12 lb that sound good to
you and then enjoy them.  The only coffee from Tom & Maria that I didn't
like was the Aged Sumatra - and I actually like the first couple of pots of
that - but it got old fast (heh, heh, sorry).
On 12/28/06, Kevin  wrote:
"You can't know the unknowable, but you can do the doable." - Jon Carroll

8) From: Kevin
Thanks for the info.  I just order new arrivals as they interest me.
I'm dying to try a Kona.  My concern is that i don't want the stash to
get out of hand.  15#'s is the max the boss allows....thanks again
On 12/28/06, Larry English  wrote:
My home coffee roasting blog:http://homecoffeeroastblog.blogspot.com/Kevin

9) From: Justin Marquez
On 12/28/06, Larry English  wrote:
Larry - I had exactly the same experience with the Monsooned Malabar.
First 3-5  days was fine.  After that I could not stand the smell of
the roasted beans in the valve bag.
Safe Journeys and Sweet Music
Justin Marquez (CYPRESS, TX)

10) From: Barry Luterman
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Or use my system. Select 20 coffees at random. Put these aside and =
definitely do not order them. Now Tom's offerings are much more =
manageable. You really can't go too far wrong with any of them.

11) From: Blake R.
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What level are you roasting the Timor FTO Maubesse?  I think I may be =
roasting mine to dark.
Thanks ... Blake

12) From: Eddie Dove
I roasted it to Full City+ ... a few snaps (~15 seconds) into second crack.
I really like this with the darker roast.
Hope this helps ...
My Home Coffee Roasting Blog and Profiles for the Gene Cafehttp://southcoastcoffeeroaster.blogspot.com/On 12/28/06, Blake R.  wrote:

13) From: Blake R.
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I appreciate the feedback.  Now that I have learned to discern when the =
2nd crack begins on my iRoast 2 I should be able to replicate that.  I =
will look at your profiles as well.  Though I would like to get a Gene =
Roaster some day I have found that the iRoast 2 has the flexibility to =
produce a good roast if you really learn how to use it.  Ambient =
temperature has a big impact with the iRoast.
Thanks ... Blake

14) From: raymanowen
"...I can't make a decision-"
Les has the >Plan<.
Last year when I found out my daughter was at the Saint Francis in SFO, I
was going to have her drive the ~8 miles to SM in Oakland with a Dart in
hand. (Close her eyes and just point.)
"I want 10 pounds of that."
"The Ethiopian or the Panamanian or the Guatemalan?"
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
On 12/28/06, Les  wrote:
"When the theme hits the bass, I dance the Jig!" - -Virgil Fox at the Mighty
Wichita (ex- NYC Paramount) WurliTzer- 1976

15) From: an iconoclast
On 12/28/06, Kevin  wrote:
I couldn't agree with you more!  It takes me days, sometimes weeks to
figure out what I want. I put what I want into my shopping cart and
then take some out.  And then I start over again the next time I visit
as I can't save the cart between "dream shopping".  I am down to 161
lbs of caffeinated and 14 varieties, but 7 of them are 6 lbs or less.
But I find I drink my favorites and tend to "get rid" of the others by
selling or giving them away.  But how do I know what my favorites are
without trying them?  So I buy 5# bags.  So then I decide I like
something and have to hurry to buy at least a 20# bag before it sells
out.  I repeat this process every 6-8 weeks.   Joyful angst at it's
Take care,

16) From: Lynne
If you think that's difficult - have you ever grown heirloom tomatoes?
Haven't had a garden in a few yrs - my favorite Feb activity was 
looking through the catalogues. Decisions, decisions. Man, I ended up 
trying to grow so many varieties in my postage stamp backyard... ended 
up w/a tomato forest...
On Dec 29, 2006, at 2:36 AM, an iconoclast wrote:

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