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1) From: Ken Mary
On Dec 18 2006, I had a heart attack at 59 years of age. After a busy 
morning driving to several errands, I arrived home, parked the Jeep, and
immediately on stepping out began to feel very light headed. This struck me
as so bizarre I could not imagine what was happening. The extreme faintness
continued for several minutes as I went inside to rest. Then the sweating
began and then I knew it was a heart attack. I dialed 911, the ambulence
arrrived and they began treatment on site. I was taken to the hospital and
immediately to the cath lab. I had open heart surgery the next day resulting
in 4 bypasses, one artery was 99% blocked. I was released on Christmas day.
I still cannot believe it happened. Prior to the heart attack I seemed to be
in perfect health, except for some premature contractions that had been on
the increase for a week or two. During the attack there was ZERO pain. There
was a mild pressure in the chest and neck just like a mild heartburn.
Prior to the attack, my blood pressure was a normal 120/70, and took no meds
for anything. Bloodwork revealed that my triglycerides were normal and
cholesterol near normal at 213.  The HDL was slightly low and the LDL was
slightly high. I cannot remember the exact numbers, but this cannot be the
only explanation. There may be a hereditary component. According to
nutritionists, my diet was not "heart healthy", but also not far from
normal. I do have a weakness for sugary snacks (empty calories), and these
will unfortunately be greatly reduced in the future. I have a followup exam
in 3 weeks, so more information should be available then.
If you think your risk of heart disease is low, think again. But you can
reduce the risk by adopting a heart healthy lifestyle.
I do not think coffee contributed to my problem, but as of now caffeinated
coffee is out. I am drinking one or two cups of tea per day and this does
not seem to affect my bp or heart rate. I measure that with an automatic
wrist monitor about 20 to 30 times a day. Buy one, it may be the best $80
you ever spent.
If any of you want to discuss this further off list, email me.

2) From: Aaron
Sorry to hear about your heart attack Ken but well, that stuff happens.  
People can live like pigs eating everything in front of their faces and 
never have one.  Then folks can be health nuts, and die of a massive 
coronary (that runner jim fixx??) comes to mind.
Taking care of ones self can lessen the chances of having a MI or 
stroke, or some other malady, but as you said, there are many other 
factors in there that play in as well that we have no control over.
You said you are drinking tea, doesn't that have caffeine in it as well, 
I don't recall seeing decaf tea.  But on that get some of SM's decaf 
coffee's  they are actually incredibly good tasting and seriously, you 
will NOT be able to tell the difference in flavor from regular coffee's.
I am betting that some of the meds you are taking probably have caffeine 
in them to help disperse the stuff in your body. .... given this, and 
you should ask the doc, but you might still be able to drink coffee but 
blend it.  half decaf / half regular to cut down the caffeine in it, and 
still enjoy your cup or two a day.   That's what the doctor told my dad, 
he can have two cups of decaf or one if he mixes it.
Hope you are feeling better, but the mere fact that you are here to 
write this letter says you made it through.... lets not discuss the 
happy new year.

3) From: Dan Bollinger
Ken, Sorry to hear about the heart attack and glad to hear you are out of the 
woods.  That had to have been a horrible ordeal.
I just had a conversation with a friend of mine who experiences tachycardia and 
arrhythmias after drinking coffee, but not after drinking tea or eating 
chocolate.  This because it is not caffeine that does this, but an unidentified 
chemical in coffee. I say this because if you think you can defeat heart 
responses like tachycardia and arrhythmias by drinking decaf, think again.
Keep on the low carb diet.  Like my doc says, "No white food."  White sugar, 
white rice, white bread, white potatoes, etc."

4) From: Eddie Dove
Thank you for sharing with us.  I am glad to see that you are doing well and
in good spirits!  Coming home on Christmas day must have been thought
Happy New Year to you!
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5) From: Les
Thanks for sharing Ken.  You have confirmed my resolve to get about 70
pounds off of this body of mine.  Just an FYI, Tom's decaf offerings may not
be as numereous, but they are outstanding coffee in their own right.  My
prayers will be with you.
On 1/1/07, Eddie Dove  wrote:

6) From: george
So sorry to hear about your heart attack.  My wife also has heart problems as I do, but hers are worse.  She has 
been drinking herbal tea for some time now as she can't tolerate caffeine any longer.  For Christmas this year I 
got her a Bodum tea press and some herbal teas.  Low and behold, at one place they had decaf teas so I got her 
some.  So there are decaf teas out there other than just the herbals.
George    aka the MadHemi Roaster
On 1 Jan 2007 at 9:40, Aaron wrote:

7) From: Andy Thomas
Glad you made it through the ordeal, Ken. Must have
been a very scary experience! Welcome back.
--- Ken Mary  wrote:
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8) From: Kevin
Best wishes for a speedy recovery and God Bless!
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9) From: john nanavati
I'm glad to hear that you're okay. Thanks for sharing your experience with
us. I hope you have a speedy recovery.
John Nanavati
Plainfield, New Jersey

10) From: Barbara C. Greenspon
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Ken:  May the new year bring you and everyone here much joy, peace and 
happiness.  I am so glad you are here to go into this new year.  Thanks 
for sharing.  I'm amazed that you knew, without the pain, etc. 
Best to everyone.
Ken Mary wrote:

11) From:
Thanks for posting about your heart attack. I am very glad you have more time with your family and friends.
I am also sure my comments will be met with a very small measure of tolerance!!
Each day we have is a gift. Regardless of what you do, how you do it to control your life span really does not make you live longer or better and the sooner each of us accepts that fact the better we all live.
My dear, dear brother in law was on his way home last Sunday and was hit by a driver who pushed him into a huge pole head on; with broken arms and one broken leg he was air-flighted to the hospital. They did not know one busted rib had put a hole in his heart.
He was bleeding out as they raced to save his life.
You can drink all the stuff you want be it coffee, tea, alcohol or soda pop. 
There is a number someplace with your name.
god, fate, call it what you will. 
drink as much coffee as yoy want. it will end your life.
warmest regards,
---- Ken Mary  wrote: 

12) From: Leo Zick
Wow. Sorry to hear. :(
Really something that your levels all look good. Do/did you exercise much?
Cardio, etc?

13) From: Sandy Andina
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Oh, Ginny, I am so sorry.  My prayers are with you.
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Oh, Ginny, I am so sorry.  My =
prayers are with you.
On Jan 1, 2007, at 1:04 PM, pchforever =

My dear, = dear brother in law was on his way home last Sunday and was hit by a = driver who pushed him into a huge pole head on; with broken arms and one = broken leg he was air-flighted to the hospital. They did not know one = busted rib had put a hole in his heart.

He was = bleeding out as they raced to save his life.

= Sandywww.sass-music.com
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14) From: miKe mcKoffee
Great to hear you survived and great Christmas day present.
Kona Konnaisseur miKe mcKoffee
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first not know. And in knowing know I know not. Each Personal enlightenment
found exploring the many divergent foot steps of Those who have gone before.
 I was released on 

15) From: RK
Sorry to hear about your heart attach Ken, wish you the best.

16) From: Lowe, David
Just read your post. Thanks for sharing, glad to hear that you got
prompt treatment. You're in my prayers.
Dave Lowe

17) From: kofi
just came by and saw your post. Glad to hear you survived.
 We're not done with you yet...stick around. :-)

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