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Topic: Filter Taste and other from a newbie (8 msgs / 198 lines)
1) From: Larry Williams
I have recently subscribed to the list and am just trying to figure the 
roasting process out.  My wife and I have been buying roasted beans for 
many years and have acquired a taste for good coffee.  Our favorite 
seems to be Kenya, and similar coffees.
After reading an article on Yahoo news about coffee roasting, I found 
the Sweet Marias web site and noted that I had the right popcorn popper 
(Poppery II) to roast green beans.  I promptly ordered some beans, and 
in a few a days they arrived.  I set-up the popper on top of our 
Jenn-air stove which is vented thru the unit.  Several batches were 
roasted using about 7 min with the beans cooled using an aluminum pizza 
pan.  I was amazed how easy it was, and was very happy with the 
results.  The first thing I realized was how different beans roast and 
how the flavor differed using the same roasting time. 
But I could see I had to get a real roaster.  I skillfully left the I 
Roast 2 page from Sweet Marias on the computer for the wife to notice.  
She doesn't miss anything.  To my amazement the roaster showed up under 
the tree for Christmas.  As of this morning I have only roasted Congo 
beans in the unit using the presets.  Very Good!  I will be choosing 
coffees to roast this morning from: Timor, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, 
Sumata, Panama, Guatemala and Mexico.  
After the limited reading that I have done, I will be using the preset 2 
on the unit and probably cool the beans a little ahead of the programed 
cycle to release less oil to the surface (my simple preference in buying 
I know this is way too simple for most of you pros, but I will catch 
up.  If any of you have roasting profiles to recommend I would 
appreciate any help you can give.
I have one observation this morning involving the Melitta brown filter.  
I performed a taste test using straight filtered water .  I poured hot 
water thru the filter, and filled a cup with heated unfiltered water. I 
compared the taste and determined that the filtered water does impart an 
unwanted flavor in the water.  Unlike the unfiltered water.  Am I all 
wet on this one?
Looking forward to years of roasting - God willing.
Larry Williams
Wallace, California
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2) From: stereoplegic
glad to see you're off to a good start. welcome aboard, you're gonna 
love this group (i know i do). i don't have an i-roast, but i'm sure 
lots of i-roast users will be happy to help you out.
brown filter? we just discussed this. buy some bleached ones, save some 
money, taste your coffee w/o any extra flavors. the brown ones can be 
used for windexing your windows, mirrors, etc. w/o lint (as long as 
they're not completely saturated w/ windex). when you run out of those, 
cheapo bleached brew-rite or similar filters are good for the same purpose.
happy new year.
lwilliams wrote:

3) From: Rich M
Hi Larry-
I also have an IR2 and I'll be happy to share some of my profiles  
with you.  I too am still a rookie but I'm getting the hang of it.   
Unfortunately, I left my roasting notes (thus my profiles) at work,  
so it will be a few days before I get them to you.  One caveat-- I've  
noticed that ambient temp and voltage variances make a big difference  
when using the IR2. So while my profiles work well for me, don't just  
set the program and walk away.  I've learned this the hard way,  
resulting in a smoke-filled firehouse, charred beans, and quite a bit  
of ribbing from my co-workers.  I'll get those profiles to you soon.   
Happy New Year.
On Jan 1, 2007, at 10:40 AM, Larry Williams wrote:

4) From: Andy Thomas
Welcome, Larry, It seems like your homeroasting career
is well under way. About your filter experiment, it
would be more fair, it seems to me, to compare brown
paper to white paper rather than to no paper. I've
been meaning to do a brown paper/white paper trial
myself. I did this years ago and I couldn't tell the
difference. Maybe my taster has sharpened -- or dulled
-- since then.
--- Larry Williams  wrote:
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5) From: Eddie Dove
Welcome aboard!  You're off to a great start and I love you attitude ... "I
know this is way too simple for most of you pros, but I will catch up."
My Home Coffee Roasting Blog and Profiles for the Gene Cafehttp://southcoastcoffeeroaster.blogspot.com/On 1/1/07, Larry Williams  wrote:

6) From: Larry Williams
Rich M.,
Thanks for the Greeting.  I would appreciate any profiles you can share.
Stereoplegic and Andy Thomas
I did another taste test comparing bleached and brown melitta filters.  
I believe there is a slight difference with the brown filter imparting 
some smell and taste.
Thanks again.
Larry W
Rich M wrote:
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7) From: Chad Hilbert
Hi Larry,
I also have a new i roast II, that I've been using for almost a month now. 
I've found that using just the PreSet 2, and WATCHING THE BEANS, my roasts 
are doing a little better.  I usually hit the "Cool" button when I see the 
FIRST sign of oil on a bean.  Depending on the bean, that can happen before 
the end of the preset cycle, or I may have to add a few seconds with the 
"up" button.  I'm a newbie also, but hopes this helps a little.
Just ignore the smoke alarm

8) From: Larry Williams
Thanks Chad.
Chad Hilbert wrote:
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