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1) From: Dan Mouer
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Last night, when the lights seemed to be out on the list, I made my =
first and second ever roasts!! I was being impatient waiting for my =
first delivery from SM, so I ran down the road to a local cafe and =
bought some SHB Guatemalan. Using my high-temp (up to 550 degrees F) =
convection oven, on the lower convection speed, I roasted on a =
perforated pizza pan. No smoke. 1st and 2nd cracks were clearly audible =
over fan noise. This morning's coffee is wonderful! To top everything =
off, I won an Ebay auction last night for an original West Bend Poppery. =
Guess I'm hooked!
Dan M

2) From: Brett Mason
Congratulations!  You make us all proud...
On 1/5/07, Dan Mouer  wrote:

See, already doing the upgrade thing..ya stumble across that humorous
article on the web about homeroasting in an oven, figure you can do as good,
roast a batch and your hooked....then ya just got to get a better roast
method...then something to tell you what the temps really are...then volume
isn't working right so ya get scales to do it by weight....then ya got to
have them neat bags to degas....then a bigger roaster...more bags....then
the french press...a Techno...a Rocky...A...Gaggia...AND THEN...AND THEN...
That's right, your on a street corner, stopping people as they go by..."Hey
ya want to buy some REALLY FRESH COFFEE????"....Selling your homeroast to
support your SWEET MARIA'S 'Gotta have those NEW beans' habit....
Welcome to the Group....Enjoy... and listen to these older members (as in
Time on the boards...not age...That is another thread)..They can really help
you with questions, problems and tech support...
On 1/5/07, Dan Mouer  wrote:
Start HOT and work your way Down...
Peppers AND Coffee.
(I'm the tall guy in the middle)

4) From: Mike Garfias
Isn't this the truth?
In my case:
drank french press with beans from local coffeeshops and the like.  A  
friend suggests I order some of SM's roasted stuff.  2 months later  
buy a moka.  A few months later start salivating at the thought of  
home roasting.  Resist temptation for a few more months.  Buy  
iRoast2.  Followed a month later with a Rocky.
Then wife's work place just got an espresso maker (krups combo  
coffeepot/pump espresso).  So I roast her up some coffee to take to  
work.  Then don't have a grinder, so I grind it fresh in the morning  
for her.  Go in a few days later and show her how to get good  
espresso from it.  Then stand by baffled as she offers espresso with  
home roast to people and they don't seem to care.
What I got from it was good enough that I'm now having to resist  
ordering a silvia.
When will the carnage end?!
On Jan 5, 2007, at 9:44 AM, TERRY TITSWORTH wrote:

5) From: Justin Marquez
On 1/5/07, Mike Garfias  wrote:
How often I have seen folks act like that.  Or when they try my brewed
coffee, they say it is too strong.  The SAME people brag about *$'s
and how strong is that brew?
Safe Journeys and Sweet Music
Justin Marquez (CYPRESS, TX)

6) From: Dan Mouer
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Sounds about right, Terry. But I think it involved something besies =
stumbling upon it on the web. I cook virtually every meal for my wife =
and myself--and have for 25+ years. For even longer, I've been making my =
own wine and beer. STarted baking my own bread when I was a kid--and =
that's a LONG time ago! A few years ago I started making a lot of my own =
cheeses. Can you see a pattern here? Since I've been a fan of good =
coffee longer than any of the rest of these things except bread baking, =
I somehow came to the conclusion it's damn well time I learned!.
I'll have to wait and see if the popper is really an improvement on my =
oven. With a built in digital thermometer and temps as high as 550 and a =
good convection fan, I might have more control than with a popper...but =
I'll try anything!
Thanks for the welcome,
Dan M

7) From: Michael Dhabolt
On 1/5/07, Dan Mouer  wrote:
Oh Reeeaallly!  Try this:
http://tinyurl.com/yx4mvm** and this:*
http://tinyurl.com/teys8** and this:*
*Mike (just plain)*

8) From: Dan Mouer
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That's just sick! I mean haven't any of you people ever heard of =
onsessive-compulsive disorders???   Okay, I've loaded those URLs into my =
favorites and starting to read....

9) From: Eddie Dove
That's just sick! I mean haven't any of you people ever heard of
obsessive-compulsive disorders???
Yes, but I do not agree that it is a disorder and do firmly believe that
many people could benefit if they had some of it!  ;-)
My Home Coffee Roasting Blog and Profiles for the Gene Cafehttp://southcoastcoffeeroaster.blogspot.com/On 1/5/07, Dan Mouer  wrote:

10) From: Vicki Smith
You know I love you, Eddie, but you just gave an example of someone with 
obsessive compulsive personality disorder, rather than OCD. People with 
OCD know they are, urmmm, different, and mebbe not in a good way. The 
OCPD folks think every one would be better off if they were just like 
them :).
v ( whose social workerish past does this some times. It too is a sickness.)
Eddie Dove wrote:

11) From: Eddie Dove
That's okay ... I constantly get accused of having both!  Just like me?
Nooooooo ... just trying to spread the good stuff!  ;-)
My Home Coffee Roasting Blog and Profiles for the Gene Cafehttp://southcoastcoffeeroaster.blogspot.com/On 1/5/07, Vicki Smith  wrote:

12) From: Michael Dhabolt
On 1/5/07, Dan Mouer  wrote:
Yes!  And I fully support it.  I'd vote for it, if it was on the ballot.
Mike (just plain)

13) From: Mike Garfias
It should be called GCD
Good Coffee Disease
I think I have a terminal case.
On Jan 5, 2007, at 9:21 PM, Vicki Smith wrote:

14) From: Eddie Dove
That's Funny!!!
On 1/5/07, Mike Garfias  wrote:
My Home Coffee Roasting Blog and Profiles for the Gene Cafehttp://southcoastcoffeeroaster.blogspot.com/

15) From: Brett Mason
I haven't chatted even ONCE about my first... at least not on email...
On 1/5/07, Mike Garfias  wrote:

16) From: Sean Cary
I used to have to hang my clothing in color order, and I still have to do my
morning routines in the same order - deviation causes me to totally lose
focus (as in my wife comes down and changes my normal routine...) My desk
has to be in a certain layout.  I used to own a SCUBA retail facility in
Boynton Beach Fla and did a lot of really deep mixed gas diving, my OCD was
useful for gear setup and location - it was obsessive and I imposed that
same rigor on my dive buddies.
I think a LOT of Marines are OCD. 
Sean M. Cary
Major USMC
Tempus Fugit Memento Mori

17) From: Brian Kamnetz
Sounds like you had a good system that helped you live your life
effectively, in a way that is satisfying to you. A condition isn't OCD or
any similar diagnosis unless it has serious negative effects on the person's
On 1/6/07, Sean Cary  wrote:

18) From: raymanowen
"When will the carnage end?!"
When you bring an end to nonsense like, "resist ordering a silvia."
Then you will start an educational tour more pleasant than anything done
before. You really will never stop learning or appreciating. You'll become
like the Celtic Marauders in search of Coffee plunder.
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
"When the theme hits the bass, I dance the Jig!" - -Virgil Fox at the Mighty
Wichita (ex- NYC Paramount) WurliTzer- 1976

19) From: Sandy Andina
My first exposure to specialty coffee was in July 1971 when we'd been  
living in Seattle for a month (and did not even yet have a car). One  
of Bob's senior advisors at Brooklyn College had become a post-doc at  
UW, where Bob had started grad school.  He picked us up and took us  
to his apartment, and asked if I liked coffee. I said of course, and  
he asked if I ground my own beans. Proudly, I replied I did--in my  
blender. He winced a little and asked if I blended beans. I replied  
in the affirmative: I preferred to mix 8 O'Clock and Bokar in the  
blender before I perked. He winced a little harder and proceeded to  
show me a couple of bags from McNulty's in Greenwich Village--he  
explained he ordered Sumatra and Peru once a month, and then whipped  
out a big old Chemex, which with its wooden collar and leather thong  
was so 1970s-Northwest-hippie-academic-rya rug-Volvo that it was a  
thing of beauty.  And when I tasted the coffee I remarked how great  
it was. He smiled and brought out an 8-cup Melior French Press, and I  
was blown away by the brew that came out of that. I was hooked--I  
immediately bought a pour-over Melitta (the limits of what I could  
afford); as soon as we got a car, I would go up to Murchie's in  
Vancouver every couple of months, until Starbucks (which I'd never  
heard of) opened a store in the U. Village shopping center. (All they  
sold back then was coffee, tea, brewing supplies, and some chocolate  
and spices--no drinks).  And I strolled up Brooklyn Ave NE and  
discovered Last Exit On Brooklyn, which had the closest thing I could  
find to the cappuccinos I used to drink with my cannolli at Ferrara's  
in Little Italy. (Who knew back then that good espresso bars did not  
pre-grind a week's worth of beans and scoop the grinds out of a Saran- 
wrap covered bowl?). BTW, Last Exit back then would close at 8 pm.   
Until 1974, there was nowhere in Seattle to buy a cappuccino at  
night, not even on a Sat. night!
Sandy Andina

20) From: Larry Johnson
My first specialty coffee was from a stall in the Athens Flea Market (an
indoor flea market) sometime in the mid-70's; probably '76-'77 or
thereabouts. I had never seen such - burlap bags of roasted coffee beans,
grinders, Melitta pour-overs, et al. I bought the Melitta one-cup pour-over,
a box of #2 filters, a blade grinder, and a pound of Mocha Java beans.
Mama sell my clothes, I've died and gone to heaven.
IIRC, they had JMB for about 2x the price of the other coffees, which, IIRC
again, the other coffees were in the $2.50 -$3.00 /lb range.
I don't remember the name of the place, and it folded before the flea market
went away to make room for the Classic Center. They were a bit ahead of
their time for this area. Now we have Jittery Joe's, Cafe Espresso Royale,
Hot Corner Coffee, GranCafe Coffee Roasters (roasting only, not serving
coffee), and more that I can't remember off the top of my head. Oh, yeah; we
now have a Starbucks.
Larry J (Lilboybrew) ....reminiscing....
"Having a positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it annoys
enough people to make it worth the effort."
On 1/6/07, Sandy Andina  wrote:

21) From: Vicki Smith
I don't know if this counts, but when I was truly a bitsy kidlet, I used 
to spend a whole lot of time at my great grandmother's farm where I not 
only got to collect eggs, I also got to help roast the coffee.
I'm pretty sure it wasn't "speciality" coffee, and I was only allowed a 
small amount (in my unpasteurized, warm from the cow milk) but I count 
it as my first.

22) From: jim gundlach
     I don't know when the visit to your great grandmother's farm  
was, but if it was before the mid sixties, you may well have had a  
reasonable arabica.
     Pecan Jim
On Jan 7, 2007, at 3:31 PM, Vicki Smith wrote:

23) From: Vicki Smith
Yes, it would have been in the mid to late 50s. She left the farm and 
moved to stay with my grandmother in 59. They were Sanka people. Years 
later, when my GG became a bit confused, she forgot that she wasn't on 
the farm from time to time. It wasn't much of a problem until the time 
she decided to build a fire in the gas stove.
jim gundlach wrote:

My first experience with whole bean coffee was about 1973-74. An adventurous
soul opened a coffee/tea shop in a small shopping center in the central
valley California town of Manteca. I purchased 1 pound of Kona for around
$3.00 and about a 1/4 pound of Chinese Gunpowder Tea. I used a Chemex that I
had found at a yard sale which made a great cup of coffee. I was a newly wed
at the time and my interests weren't really on coffee, so even though it may
have been the best coffee I had ever had (to that point in time) I didn't
pursue the quest for a quality drink. During that time in my life I
misplaced two things which I have never been able to locate...my Chemex and
a Book named "Improving Your Memory"....I sure miss my Chemex...
On 1/7/07, Larry Johnson  wrote:
Start HOT and work your way Down...
Peppers AND Coffee.
(I'm the tall guy in the middle)

25) From: Mike Garfias
On Jan 6, 2007, at 5:05 PM, raymanowen wrote:
Unfortunately there are competing interests.  A $500 espresso maker  
or a race seat + harnesses for the car?  Hard choice.

26) From: Leo Zick
no question, race seat.
what do you run in?
Quoting Mike Garfias :

27) From: Eddie Dove
Buy the racing seat and harness.  Trade a little paint and pay for the
espresso maker with the winnings.
My Home Coffee Roasting Blog and Profiles for the Gene Cafehttp://southcoastcoffeeroaster.blogspot.com/On 1/8/07, Mike Garfias  wrote:

28) From: Mike Garfias
Just playing on the occasional track day with my 01 Z06.
The stock seats are garbage, with stickies on the limit is defined by  
my inability to stay in the seat rather than tire adhesion.
On Jan 8, 2007, at 8:49 AM, Leo Zick wrote:

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