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1) From: Bob
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Happy New Year to all, and a hearty welcome to all the new homeroasters =
who have found their way to our list. My hope is that you enjoy your =
newfound hobby as much as I have.
Reviewed my receipts from SM this week and noticed a glaring trend--a =
majority of the weight I've ordered have been Dry Processed beans. =
Granted the 30# of Misty Valley was a big buy, but even backing that out =
the trend is there.
Realizing now that unintentionally I have gravitated toward "bolder" =
Africans and Indos and, yes, scorn the "wussy" centrals and many of the =
My thinking is that I'm missing out, and perhaps the brewing methods are =
to blame for my lack of diversity.
The Presto has been working admirably(got one of the good ones I guess), =
press on the weekends, but the flavors from the Africans and Indos far =
outshine the others.
So, since been researching espresso machines for many months anyway, =
will be pulling the trigger soon, with the hope that will find more =
varietal flavor via pressurized extraction, especially from the "wussy" =
Thanks to Alchemist John and Les my 1st machine will be a lever pull, =
paired w/ a Mazzer Mini from our hosts (thank you Santa).

2) From: an iconoclast
On 1/5/07, Bob  wrote:
Danger, danger!  I reviewed my receipts from SM, once, after a year of
home roasting.  I added in the associated equipment like HG, DB, KMB,
etc and found I'd spent about $2000.  I decided to NEVER review them
again.  I also avoid threads with any mention of OCD or OCDP.
Take care,

3) From: Justin Marquez
On 1/6/07, an iconoclast  wrote:
Yeah, we all save money homeroasting 'cause the beans are only about
$5 a pound...
Safe Journeys and Sweet Music
Justin Marquez (CYPRESS, TX)

4) From: Brett Mason
I have built a spreadsheet to determine what coffee costs me, and what
I have invested in my hobby.
In a nutshell, here's my calculations:
  Hobby Cost = all the "assets" I have purchased - any assets I have
sold or disposed of
  Coffee Cost = Costs of all the coffee & consumables - sales of any
coffees and such sold
  Time in Pursuit = time from first purchase of coffee until now
  My coffee price = Coffee Cost / (pounds purchased - pounds sold)
  My monthly coffee price = My coffee price / months in pursuit
  My monthly hobby Cost = Hobby Cost / months in pursuit
My coffee price is currently $2.57 per pound (includes shipping)
My Hobby costs are currently $26.86 per month including all roasters,
commercial espresso machine, etc.
My total coffee consumed is 324 pounds, or 10.58 pounds per month over
30.6 months
My total sales of coffee are 138 pounds or $1,380, and hobby sales are $517.00.
If you would like my spreadsheet to figure out where you stand and
keep abreast of your passion, let me know OFFLIST PLEASE and I will
send it to you...
$2.57 is cheap!  And it's over 95% Sweet Maria's Beans...
On 1/6/07, an iconoclast  wrote:

5) From: Brett Mason
I have sent my *Coffee Ledger* spreadsheet to 6 people so far, and they have
really liked using it.  If you are thinking of tracking your expenses,and
would like a copy of this spreadsheet, do let me know offlist, and I will
send it to you as well.  Format is MS Excel 2003.
If you have received the spreadsheet and wish to make any comments for the
benefit of others here, please feel free...
On 1/8/07, Brett Mason  wrote:
homeroasters who
unsvbscribes) go tohttp://sweetmarias.com/maillistinfo.html#personalsettings<Snip>

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