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Topic: My i-Roast 2 stops in middle of last stage without cooling (5 msgs / 89 lines)
1) From: Ton van Rijn
The last few days I had it already 3 times that in the middle of the 
last stage (4 stages programmed), that the machine stopped suddenly 
without finishing the stage and also without cooling. The first time I 
was not sure if I did the programming correctly, but the last 2 times I 
was sure. I roast indoors with an ambient temperature of around 70*F.
Anyone else had this problem and what could be the cause ?

2) From: Rich M
  I would first try the pre-set programs, and if it never happens  
during those, I'd make absolutely sure that you were programming it  
correctly. However, I would guess that not properly programming it  
shouldn't have any effect on the cooling cycle.  Another possibility  
is that it is becoming overheated. I thought I read somewhere that  
the IR2 has a built-in safety feature which will stop the roast when  
the temp gets too high.  If that would be the case, you could simply  
lower the roasting temp or use less beans per batch. I've never had  
this happen to my IR2, so maybe it's just a manufacturers defect.   
Good Luck,
Rich M
On Jan 6, 2007, at 12:51 PM, Ton van Rijn wrote:

3) From: Sandy Andina
Are you seeing and smelling smoke and crackling, and is the readout  
all fogged up? That's what happens when my i-Roast and iR2 overheat-- 
usually from a bean mass that is too heavy (I've stopped measuring  
beans and started weighing them instead, especially heavy  
peaberries). I notice that after it cools sufficiently, the readout  
will pick up where it left off even if the motor does not start.
On Jan 6, 2007, at 2:15 PM, Rich M wrote:
Sandy Andina

4) From: Carole Zatz
That happened to mine as well. Soon after it occurred a few times over
the course of a couple of weeks, my iRoast2 suddenly wouldn't heat
much at all. It sat at 135 no matter what I programmed in (even during
the pre-set programs). I hadn't changed anything–same beans, same
amount of beans, same program, same ambient air temperature, etc. I
called Hearthware customer service and they had me send it in and they
sent me a new one. Luckily, I was still in the 1-year warranty period.
Hopefully, yours isn't on its last legs but I'd keep an eye on it. I'm
disappointed because I certainly expect a $150+ machine to last longer
than 6 months. If this does happen to you and you get a new one,
expect it to run much differently than the last one. It took me quite
a while to figure out how to program the new one – just as long as the
first time (maybe even longer because I expected it to be the same).

5) From: Ton van Rijn
Thanks for the response.
I think I have found the cause, although I am still not absolutely sure. 
I have an European model and after reading some threads in an , also 
European, forum, I had replaced a resistor by one of a higher value to 
slow the heating. This procedure was also suggested by i-Roast Customer 
Service to one of the members. It is however rather difficult to clamp 
the legs of the resistor correctly in its holder. I think that the heat 
and vibration caused the resistor getting loose, also because it 
happened in the last few minutes. Anyway I could get the original 
resistor, already factory-clamped in the holder, and put it in and until 
now everything works correctly again.

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