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Topic: tradition offering: French Press (5 msgs / 98 lines)
1) From: Sheila Quinn
Happy New Year!!!
I was going to offer this sooner, but I really didn't have the time - 
plus, there were other offerings already! I have an extra Bodum French 
Press and decided I would give it away here. It is the 3-tasse size, so 
it makes one standard size cup of coffee. These are perfect for one 
person or as part of your travel coffee pack. (I brought one identical 
to this on my Christmas vacation this year. Worked great.) If you have 
never tried a French Press, here's your chance!
Here is a photo of the actual item. The one you'll receive is brand new:http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v240/srrquinn/frenchpress.jpgThe winner will also receive some beans of my choice - let's just say 
it's at my whim! :)
I hate to say this, but... **U.S. ONLY** on this one, which includes 
anywhere that can receive USPS priority mail. I can't afford to send it 
to international destinations. Sorry!
** Please e-mail me DIRECTLY to enter yourself into the drawing! (Do NOT 
just hit "reply" to this message. Let's not fill up the list with 
entries - thanks!) In the body of your direct e-mail to me, please 
confirm you are in the U.S. by telling me your city and state. Thank you! **
Deadline will be Friday, January 12th at 12:00 NOON, Pacific Standard 
Time. I will then have my son draw the name of the winner from an as yet 
undetermined vessel - maybe a hat, a bucket, a boot, or a coffee carafe. 
We'll see.
Good luck!

2) From: Sheila Quinn
It isn't too late! We have three more days to go on this drawing - there 
are ten entries so far. You will have received a personal reply if you 
entered - if not, then your e-mail did not arrive.
Anyone else want to be included???
Sheila Quinn wrote:

3) From: Nancy Crabtree
I would love to be included.
Thank you so much for your generous offer.

4) From: Woody DeCasere
Nice offering thanks!
On 1/9/07, Nancy Crabtree  wrote:
"And we'd better not risk another frontal assault, that rabbit's dynamite!!"http://www.decasere.blogspot.com/

5) From: Sheila Quinn
Last call on this drawing - 25 entries received so far. It isn't too 
late, BUT... the deadline to enter is tomorrow (Friday) at noon, Pacific 
Standard Time. After my son draws a name tomorrow afternoon, I will 
notify the winner directly via e-mail as well as post to the board.
If you missed seeing this before or simply forgot, don't delay any 
longer! Get those entries to me by morning. :)
Sheila Quinn wrote:

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