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1) From: Andy Thomas
I did this test a couple of years ago using Melitta
filters. At that time and with those filters I could
not tell the difference. Today's test was with Chemex
Procedure: Folded one each brown and white filter
paper and placed in identical glass mugs. Poured
off-the-boil water and steeped about 5 minutes.
Removed filters and let cool a few minutes, then
smelled and tasted, along with a control (boiled and
cooled water with no filter contact).
Result: Brown paper water had slight brownish color
and slight paper aroma and taste. At first I thought
the white paper water also had a slight paper taste,
but when I compared with the control I could not tell
them apart.
Conclusion: White paper filters are practically
flavorless --to me. Brown paper filters have a
detectable flavor, at least absent any other flavors
(coffee, for example). 
I doubt that I could have picked out the brown paper
sample in 2 cups of brewed coffee because the flavor
was too subtle to show through the coffee, or so I
think. I would be okay with using brown filters in a
pinch, but as long as I have a choice I'll stick with
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2) From: Tara Kollas
That's interesting - I've always used the brown filters (Filtropa) for the
Techno.  Wonder if there would be a big difference between brown and white
(Tom doesn't carry the #4 in white, so I don't imagine I'll get a chance to
test this soon).
On 1/7/07, Andy Thomas  wrote:

3) From: Scott Marquardt
I have a slew of brown filters for the large pourover, 'cause they were on
sale for nothin' much. A simple way to enjoy coffee brewed with brown is
just to run some boiling rinse through it in the cone. This has the
advantage of also pre-heating the cone (if you have a porcelain Melitta as I
do) and the receiving container.
Your experiments confirm my own experience.
- Scott
On 1/7/07, Andy Thomas  wrote:

4) From: Ed Needham
I wish SM would supply the white Chemex filters.
Ed Needham®
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5) From: Steven Dover
Uh huh. I thought so. - Steve D

6) From: Steven Dover
Me too. Unfolded white filter circles please. - Steve D

7) From:
sounds like you need to get some tampax.

8) From: Brett Mason
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9) From:
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12) From: Larry Williams
I did a taste test with the Melitta brown and white filters.  I poured 
hot water thru each filter and found that the brown filter did impart a 
slight undesirable taste.  I have started using the white filters.
Larry Williams
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13) From: Eddie Dove
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