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1) From: Jerry Procopio
Well fellow homeroasters, Happy New Year!  I've been away from home 
(cruising mostly) for about 45 of the last 90 days but am back home now 
(until at least May).  I was on a 34 day cruise from Seattle to Tampa 
via the Panama Canal, then six days up the Amazon River before reaching 
Tampa.  Yes, Holland America coffee sucks (but I did have homeroast with 
me which I brewed with the AeroPress every day).  Even month old 
homeroast is better than what they serve in the ship's espresso bar.  A 
few weeks later we took a western Caribbean cruise on Crystal then spent 
the holidays in Miami.  Crystal Cruise's espresso, though not anything 
to write home about, was at least acceptable.  But it is nice to be 
home, drinking my very own Sweet Maria's homeroast and trying to read 
the 5943 e-mails that accumulated while I was away.
RK Drum roasting in Chesapeake, VA

2) From: Justin Schwarz
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good to have you back!
Justin Schwarz
If there is anything worth doing, it's worth doing right.
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good to have you back!
Justin = Schwarzhoustini
If there is anything worth = doing, it's worth doing right.

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3) From:
Hey Cafe Hombre,
you have been missed, welcome back. sounds like a great trip. I am off to Hawaii, the Big Island, on thursday; hopefully I can pick some beans while I am there...
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4) From: Robert Joslin
You have to go up the Amazon to reach Tampa?
On 1/8/07, pchforever  wrote:

5) From: MichaelB
Welcome back! Fill up the espresso machine. Get some Monkey Blend going.
On 1/8/07, Jerry Procopio  wrote:

6) From: Jerry Procopio
Well, you don't "have" to go up the Amazon, but it was kinda "on the 
way".  We left out of Seattle, stopped in Los Angeles, three stops in 
Mexico, then Costa Rica before going through the Panama canal, stops in 
Aruba and Grenada before heading south to the Amazon River.  We made a 
total of 4 port visits in Brazil and surprisingly went as far as Manaus 
and the Rio Negro which is about 1000 miles up the river.  The Amazon 
River is huge (wide and deep as well as long).  Just think, we were in a 
1400 passenger cruise ship and saw major commercial shipping going on 
1000 miles up the river.  After the Amazon we headed back into the 
Atlantic and Caribbean, stopping in Barbados and the Dominican Republic 
before arriving in Tampa.
On the entire trip, other than the homeroast that I had every day in my 
stateroom, the only decent coffee I had was in a jewelry store in 
Manaus, Brazil (where they were pulling complimentary espressos for 
customers) and in a coffee shop in the port terminal in Barbados.  I had 
been to the coffee shop in Barbados before and had met the owner.  I 
brought him a pound of (by that time 3 1/2 week old vac packed) Sweet 
Maria's homeroast.  His wife pulled shots for us that were exceptional. 
  He's using an Alpenrost for his private use and commercially roasted 
coffee for the shop.  I gave him links to Sweet Maria's and RK Drum and 
he was excited about the idea of bbq drum roasting.
After 34 days, I hated to see the adventure end, but it was certainly 
nice to get back to my own house, own bed, and own coffee.
Java Jerry
RK Drum Roasting in Chesapeake, VA
Robert Joslin wrote:

7) From: Robert Joslin
     Sounds like a wonderful, interesting trip.  Thanks for sharing the
Robert Joslin
On 1/8/07, Jerry Procopio  wrote:

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