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1) From: Dan Mouer
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My brewing apparati include my Turkish coffee pot, my old moka-style =
pot, my Black and Decker auto drip with a Swiss Gold filter basket, a =
couple of French presses, and my DeLonghi pump espresso machine. 
In addition, last year, for my birthday, my cousin gave me something I =
never expected and never would have purchased on my own. It's a Keurig =
K-cup single-cup machine. It's designed to be used with those little =
cups of pre-ground, pre-measured coffees that cost a whole lot more than =
a cup of home-roasted, but a whole lot less than a Starbucks grande =
Americano! In general, the machine makes a surprisingly decent cup of =
coffee and you get a large selection of specialty coffees and commercial =
roasters to choose from. Nonetheless, it ain't homebrew, right?
Well, the way I've been using it up to now is to grind my commercially =
roasted beans and use the accessory that allows you to make up your very =
own "K-cup" insert. Now I'm doing the same with homeroast. The machine =
uses a pump to push the heated water through the K-cup, and if you use a =
moderately fine grind and a bit of tamping, you can draw a rich, =
full-bodied cup of your own home-roast. So far, I'm a happy camper!
Dan M

2) From: 4qchmow02
I envy you.  We have a Kurig here at work and I was at first excited about the k-cup attachment and was going to buy one until I read that the attachments will only fit the home machines and not the special office or "industrial" machines.
So I'm stuck drinking Green Mountain for the time being.

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hey Dan, got a picture of this K-cup thing>
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4) From: John F Coffey
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Here is their web site:http://www.keurig.comOn Jan 8, 2007, at 11:32 AM,  wrote:
   John F. Coffey
   Email - john
   P.O. Box 524			
   Blaine, WA  98231
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Here is their web = site:
">http://www.keurig.com=="=" class="3D"khtml-block-placeholder""> On Jan 8, = 2007, at 11:32 AM, <pchforever> = wrote:
hey Dan, got a picture of this = K-cup thing> ginny --------------  John F. = Coffey  Email - john  P.O. Box 524 =   Blaine, WA  98231

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5) From: Dan Mouer
That's a shame. I certainly wouldn't suggest someone run out and buy one of 
these machines (I think the cheapest Keurihg for home use is about $100), 
but if somebody has one, this is a nice adaptation that makes a very decent 
Dan M

6) From:
Thanks for your reply.
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