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Topic: what a day! (6 msgs / 85 lines)
1) From: Dan Mouer
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This morning was pouring dowqn rain, very grey, blustery, generally =
yucky until about 12:30. WHat happened? Did the weather clear up? Well =
it did a few hours later, but at 12:30 my mailman arrived with 1. my =
first mail order from Sweet Marias AND 2. my nice old West Bend Poppery =
1 from Ebay! Guess what I'll be doing this evening....
Dan M

2) From:
 Congrats on you rnew stuff. Keep us posted.
---- Dan Mouer  wrote: 

3) From: David F Iseminger
once you get it right you will find there is nothing else like it.  Happy
roasting :)

4) From: Paul Jolly
   You are starting off on the right foot with the P1.  I still use mine for sample roasts--it can't be beat for the price.
  One modification that's made all the difference was rewriting the on/off switch so that it only controls the heating element.  With a thermoprobe placed in with the beans, you can switch the heat on & off to create any profile you want.
  However, I've searched around and cannot find the link which shows how to do this mod.  Can anyone else help?
  Have fun & welcome to the club!
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5) From: Michael Dhabolt
The modification that Paul is talking about is dealt with about half way
thru the article that the second link points to.  The first link also
pertains to some basic mods that may prove beneficial to you.
http://tinyurl.com/teys8*Mike (just plain)">http://tinyurl.com/yx4mvm*http://tinyurl.com/teys8*Mike (just plain)

6) From: Dan Mouer
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Got it. Thanks, Mike and Paul.
Dan M

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