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1) From: Kevin
This is for the GC users.  Does anyone know where you can buy
replacement filters for the chaff collector air filter and roughly how
frequently the filter should be replaced?  I couldn't any of these
filters on Tom's site.
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2) From: Bob
The only place I've seen replacements mentioned is on the Gene 
Cafe website and I did not see a method to purchase one there. I 
take mine apart about once a month and wash it out with dish 
soap and a toothbrush.

3) From: Kevin
I was under the impression it was a paper filter within the chamber.
That the chaff collector had to be unscrewed for access to the air
filter.  Is this correct?
On 1/10/07, Bob  wrote:
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4) From: Bob
The model I have (CBR-101), was purchased from SM & came with 
the "medium" chaff collector, so called in the manual. It does 
not have any paper filter inside, only a double set of metal 
mesh screens that are accessible by unscrewing the base of the 
chaff collector and removing the parts. It appears that only the 
"large" collector has a removable filter.

5) From: Fancye9876
I don't have a paper filter with mine.  It is just a metal screen thingy.  I 
just put the whole collector  in some hot soapy water and then scrub it inside 
with a brush.  Mine is all plastic with the metal screen on top.

6) From: Don Harris
Are you thinking of the HotTop? The GC has screens you just wash.
On 1/10/07, Kevin  wrote:

7) From: Kevin
It looked like there was an air filter inbetween the metal screens.  I
haven't taken it apart though.  I could be mistaken.  I'll take it
apart this weekend.
On 1/10/07, Don Harris  wrote:
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8) From: Eddie Dove
I have taken the filter apart twice to clean it only because I thought I
should.  There is should not be any paper in there, but there is the screen
you see on the outside and one on the inside that you can remove by removing
some screws..  I have run over a hundred pounds through the roaster and I
have not seen any evidence of the filter getting clogged.
While you have it apart, and while the two halves are separated, be careful
not to sharply "bump" any of the six legs that are on the inside (now
exposed with the bottom off) because they will certainly snap off.
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9) From: Kevin
Thanks for the heads up.  I'll be extra cautious when I take it apart.
On 1/10/07, Eddie Dove  wrote:
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