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Topic: Customer Pickup - Hold for Harvey $9.00 (7 msgs / 218 lines)
1) From: hermit
I am placing an order today for a new Fresh Roast Plus 8 and four
pounds of coffee.  I see *Hold for Harvey* in shipping methods.  If I
recall correctly that is USPS?  If so, what is the weight limit.

2) From: Eddie Dove
Harvey is a Priority Mail shipping option that Tom made available and
disclosed in confidence to this list.  When ordering, there is a shipping
option "Customer pickup - Hold for Harvey ($9.00)".  It means that via USPS
for $9.00, you can get up to 12 pounds of beans (and matching cotton bags)
shipped rather quickly.  No guarantees, but it usually arrives at my home on
the coast of Mississippi in 2-3 days whereas UPS ground usually takes about
10 days. There is no tracking on the shipping.
Tom's original email is below (the $8.50 is now $9.00).
Hope this helps ...
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From: Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee < tom >
Date: Jan 24, 2005 1:46 PM
Subject: +"Hold for Harvey" aka USPS Flat Rate Box
To: homeroast list < homeroast>
Okay folks, this whole USPS Flat Rate Box has ruined my life. I spent
much of last week and the weekend too trying to figure out a way we
can offer it. It doesn't work. We simply can't offer what needs to be
a volume-based shipping calculation alongside a weight-based
calculation at this time.
So here is our fix ... a temporary "band-aid" approach.
First, I am only telling the list about this right now. It's an
"insider deal" at this point. If it works I will add an page with the
explaination and  "terms and conditions" listed below. Unfortunately,
if it doesn't work out for us, we are going to have to pull it.
The main way this is going to fail is if 1. customers choose it when
they are not eligible, that is, when they are buying something other
than green coffee, and more than 12 Lbs. and 2. when in generates
excessive emails for Maria and Derek and me, with people asking for
exceptions, additions, special circumstances.
Okay, here's the low-tech fix: Buy up to 12 lbs of green coffee ...
it can be 5 Lbs, it can be 8, it can be 10, whatever, but NEVER more
than 12 Lbs. It cannot be any other product except our cloth logo
bags matching the amounts of coffee purchased.
When you check out, chose the purposefully cryptic shipping option
:" Customer Pick Up - Hold for Harvey ($8.50)" We had to make the
option unattractive to those who don't know what it is, who haven't
read this email.
Why Harvey? Well, here's our USPS guy! Why $8.50? We have to add .80
for our USPS pickup fees and packing supplies.
Oh, duh ... this is only good for the U.S. and will work for Alaska,
Hawaii, PR, and FPO/APO too.
Remember, everything bad about the USPS still applies here- spotty
tracking, no insurance currently offered, occasional lost packages,
2-3 days is NOT a guarantee AT ALL - I get some Priority Mails in 2
days, some in 5 ... I have had ones that took 2 weeks!!! Nomatter
what you think about UPS, it's trackable, always insured up to $100,
and about 99% on time according to their time in transit map. If I
lived a few states away and UPS was a couple bucks more, I would
choose UPS personally!
SO this is out beta run of this, and I really hope it works. In a few
months I hope there will be a software upgrade for our system that
will implement it in a better way. Anyone who understands the rules
can try this out. I really hope this saves some money, and doesn't
create headaches for you all or for us.
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On 1/12/07, hermit  wrote:
My Home Coffee Roasting Blog and Profiles for the Gene Cafehttp://southcoastcoffeeroaster.blogspot.com/

3) From: Brett Mason
All the other posts here are correct.  Do note, Harvey is only for green
beans, your roaster will need to come via another shipping method...
On 1/12/07, hermit  wrote:

4) From: Dick Williams
Thanks Brett and all those that responded to my question - appreciate it.
On Fri, 12 Jan 2007, Brett Mason wrote:

5) From: Bill
Harvey has been great for me. I live in central PA. My last order was placed
between Christmas and New Year's. The label on the package was printed on
1/2/07. However, there was no mail that day due to president Ford's death.
Therefore the package would have gone out on Wednesday the 3rd. I received
the package on Thursday the 4th. West coast to central PA in one day maybe
two if it did go out on the 2nd. Most of my Harvey orders arrive within 3-4
days at most. Usually 3.
Bill Roth

6) From: True, Dennis W. FC1 (CVN69)
Harvey is only for ordering coffee up to 12 pounds. 
It is USPS priorty mail flat rate box...Tom is kind enough to offer this
for us to keep our stashes growing 12#'s at at time!
FC1(SW) Dennis W. True
Safety Dept
USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69)
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HG/DB and Z&D roasting in the southern hemisphere
 "On station and on point 112 and counting down..." 
I am placing an order today for a new Fresh Roast Plus 8 and four pounds
of coffee.  I see *Hold for Harvey* in shipping methods.  If I recall
correctly that is USPS?  If so, what is the weight limit.

7) From: Steve Johnson (mac)
I tried Harvey for the first time this week.  Left West Coast on 
Tuesday --- got to Baltimore on Thursday.  UPS would have taken five 
business days.

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