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1) From: ConradArms
I was just reading an article in the January 2007 issue of Carolina  Woman, a 
complimentary magazine that can be picked up anywhere in the Raleigh,  NC 
triangle area.  Hopefully some of you will be able to pick up this  magazine. it 
has a great article in it about coffee.  The article  is titled "Drink to Your 
Health, Waking up to coffee's benefits".  I  went to their website, 
_www.carolinawoman.com_ http://www.carolinawoman.com), but they didn't  have this 
piece on line.  Maybe if you contacted them, they would send it  to you.  It 
talks about the antioxidants in coffee, that caffeine is good  for you, coffee 
offers diabetes protection, coffee does not cause heart disease,  coffee offers 
cancer protection and coffee myths debunked.  

2) From: Frank Parth
Wow, just reading the subject line made me flash to an old Neil Diamond song from the late '60's - Kentucky Woman.
Methinks I've had too much coffee this morning.

3) From: Dan Mouer
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Once, a long time ago, I managed to pick up a Carolina Woman in =
Oh, never mind...

4) From: Jerry Procopio
My dad did too - back during WWII - or maybe it was the other way around!
RK Drum roasting in Chesapeake, VA
Dan Mouer wrote:

5) From: Robert Joslin
You're probably much too young to be reading this periodical, but an article
entitled *DRINK MORE COFFEE* appeared in the most recent issue of AARP
Magazine.  It quotes a Dr. Tomas de Paulis, PhD., formerly of the Vanderbilt
University Institute for Coffee Studies, who says that the coffee berry "has
one of the highest antioxidant content of all berries...." And now you know!
On 1/12/07, ConradArms  wrote:

6) From: ConradArms
What issue was that article in?

7) From: ConradArms
I sent this e:mail to all of you so I could let you know about a  positive 
article about coffee.  I wanted people in the Raleigh triangel  area to be aware 
of it so they could possibly get a copy of it.  Sorry if I  offended anyone, 
only trying to share the good  news.....................   Dorothy

8) From: Brett Mason
Dorothy - was certainly appropriate to share, and we do appreciate it...
Sometimes we treat everyone like family or close friends, and we give
everyone else grief out of friendship.  Except for Mike & me, who are both
right, but I am more right...
On 1/12/07, ConradArms  wrote:

9) From: an iconoclast
On 1/12/07, ConradArms  wrote:
Ignore the boys, Dorothy...and they are still boys, no matter how old they get.
Take care,

10) From: Eddie Dove
That's right ... it even inspired Gloria Estefan to write a song about it!
Meaning ... we are inspirational!
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11) From: ConradArms

12) From: an iconoclast
On 1/12/07, ConradArms  wrote:
You're welcome, Dorothy.
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13) From: Robert Joslin
    It was the most recent issue (which came in December, but may have
carried a January cover date.)  Sorry I can't say for sure.......my wife
likes to keep my drafting table neat, and I imagine that issue iwent to the
recycling center.  The article was very brief, only about 5 column-inches,
HOWEVER, I did clip it and if you like I'll forward it to you offlist as an
e-mail attachment. If my post was a little too tongue-in-cheek, I
apologize.  I'd hoped to bring a smile.....not a frown.        Sincerely
On 1/12/07, ConradArms  wrote:

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