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1) From: David F Iseminger
late yesterday afternoon I roasted two 86 gram batches of Espresso Monkey
Blend.   I roasted it longer that what is normal for me and was supprised
by its light color and dry appearance.  This morning I pulled a double
shot.  I found it very smooth and suprisingly bright.  Not at all what I
expected and I can't say that I like it.  I have just finished the same
ammount of classic Italian espresso blend.  It looks more like what I
would expect.
I may try to roast the remainder of this batch of monkey a bit longer.  I
am not sure.  Will share my thoughts on the Italian Blend tomorrow.
Happy Roasting
BTW for what it is worth I am quite new here and have been involved in my
share of OT conversations, was not aware it was a big issue.  I dealt
with hundreds of e mails a day before I signed up for this list and the
volume is larger now, I just delete what I don't want to read. 
Personally if I was that uptight about it I would consider roasting decaf
or upsizing the old BVD's  but hey that's just me-to each his own

2) From: Leo Zick
I prefer when the monkey and classic italian blends are a bit more than
FC+.. So, some oil on the surface. I don't like the brightness in these two

3) From: Lynne Biziewski
Ha - David, you gave me a good laugh! Thank you.
As for the Monkey blend, give it a longer rest before you decide. It's been
awhile since I had any (unfortunately, my memory is bad, & I don't keep
notes - but I'm trying to work on that - when I remember to do so), but I
found it to be very smooth - I'm not a fan of coffes that are too bright.

4) From: David F Iseminger
Leo- my preference is generally with some oil on the surface.  I roasted
these way longer than normal and still no oil.  perhaps I should re

5) From: Leo Zick
Cant hurt to reroast half and compare :)

6) From: MichaelB
Monkey Blend is my staple blend. (And I've got the T-shirt to prove it.)
(And the cups too). (No tattoo yet.)
I always roast a batch of it with other weekly blends, SOs and decafs. I'm
not interested in Tom's other espresso blends that contain robusta beans. I
use it almost exclusively for espresso. I used to drink it brewed too, but
don't anymore since I tasted the difference a blend like Moka Kadir can make
in the big cup.
I make a cappa in the morning and espressos throughout the day, For that
kind of use it hits it's peak on day 4. Day 2 is acceptable, day 3 is good,
but day 4 and the next few days are exceptional. Using this blend too early
I sometimes get an acrid taste that can be mistaken for brightness. The real
brightness of a day 4 Monkey is all good!
Since I roast this blend all the time, I vary the roasts regularly. I have
gone as light as FC (barely plus) and as dark as 60 seconds into 2nd (that
is the longest minute imaginable!).  But my favorite spot is just 20 secs
into 2nd. Before the cracking really gets going. That adds just enough
pungency and roast tastes to balance the fruitiness. It's like a
kaleidoscope of flavors, changing all the time, but always delightful.
On 1/16/07, David F Iseminger  wrote:

7) From: Cameron Forde
Monkey is one of my staples as well.  I've roasted between 1/2 lb and
1 lb per week for the last 2+ years.  No T-shirt (though with the
modification that Alchemist John has I'd be tempted), but I've been
thinking about the cups.  My observations on resting are similar to
MichaelB, though I tend to take Monkey from FC+ to V.  One day is
definitely too short as the carbon dioxide definitely contributes to
the flavours in a bad way.  Two days works better, but waiting three
days and longer (haven't tried past two weeks) is all good.
On 1/16/07, MichaelB  wrote:

8) From: Les
For espresso, I always wait 4 days now no matter the bean.  I did some
extensive testing on my most well known bean, the Uganda Bugisu, and for
pressure extraction it lacked dimension until the 4th day.  On the other
hand this is one I enjoy most from 6-24 hours as a drip coffee.
In general, blends seem to do better with rest as well.  My holiday blend
didn't come into its own until the 3rd day as a drip, and again I don't do
espresso anymore until at least 4 days post roast.
On 1/16/07, Cameron Forde  wrote:

9) From: David F Iseminger
Thanks for all the info on the monkey  I threw it and the Italian
espresso blend back in the roaster and got it looking more like it should
(Man it took a long time)  I will wait 4 days before I try it again and
report back

10) From: Eddie Dove
Regardless of the result from these current batches, I don't think your
going to get a just representation of these coffees.  Whatever the result of
these current batches (love 'em or hate 'em), just be sure to try them
again.  By that, I mean to start with the greens again, roast to perfection,
allow the rest suggested (see Les' comments) and try them again ... then
make up your mind.
Hope this helps ...
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