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Topic: RE+kitchen aid proline grinder (6 msgs / 118 lines)
1) From: Ebeneezer Shay
I primarily use it for drip, but I do use it for espresso as well with
good results. I have no doubt that the nicer ones do a better job, but
I would argue that you wouldn't find a better one in this price range.
I paid $165 and it does better than my Solis. imho

2) From: Sheila Quinn
I use mine for both espresso and French Press daily and it does a good 
job. For the price, I think it's great! I've never tried a Rocky or 
Mazzer Mini, though, so I can't compare that way. Considering I only 
paid $115 for my Proline, though, it seems like a steal. :)
The only problem I've found is that grounds (and lots of them!) get 
stuck in it each and EVERY time, so I have to bang on it to get them all 
out. Otherwise, they come out with the next batch of grinding and screw 
it up. Other than that, I really like it.
Sheila - drinking a double shot of Mocha Kadir right now - yum!
Ebeneezer Shay wrote:

3) From: bb
If you move the catch container around a bit as the grind is finishing,
it'll knock loose most of what gets stuck.  I don't leave beans in the
chute, however.  I put in only what I plan to grind each time.
I paid $100 for mine, and consider it to be great for it's intended use (at
my home).

4) From: Gregg Gruen
Ditto on moving the glass catcher a bit.  I also don't store beans in
the hopper.  Recently I've found that if I turn it on before I dump
beans in it tends not to keep as many grounds in.  I also dial it down
to 1 before I turn it off every time.
I like mine, and for $150 (good catch at $100) it was within budget
On Thu, 2007-01-18 at 14:10 -0600, bb wrote:

5) From: Jon Rosen
I've been happy with my Proline grinder. I agree that it retains  
grinds. However, the Proline is very easy to clean. I made the  
calibration adjustment (very simple to do) that's in the manual and  
use it for drip, espresso, and press. Since I only grind before I  
brew, I don't store any beans in the hopper. It produces more fines  
that I would like, but it doesn't appear to more than other high  
quality grinders.
On Jan 18, 2007, at 8:19 PM, Gregg Gruen wrote:

6) From: Sheila Quinn
Gosh, I never knew about the calibration adjustment. Of course, that 
would have meant actually reading a manual... LOL! I don't think I ever 
opened even one page. I'd better see if I can find it and read up!!! 
Thanks for the tip!
Jon Rosen wrote:

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