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Topic: Burned up my GeneCafe/Popper recs? (8 msgs / 126 lines)
1) From: Bill Zambon
First- a warning: make sure you clear out the exhaust vent thoroughly
after every roast or so if you have a Gene Cafe. Apparently, I didn't,
and the darned thing caught on fire... a chaff fire, which melted the
machine pretty badly. My fault. But be warned.
Second, I may buy another sometime in the next year or so, but in the
meantime, I thought I would try roasting in a popper
I don't see many west bend poppery II's out there... though west bend
does have a few others on the market. Does anyone have a favorite
popper they would like to recommend?
Bill Z (already suffering quality shakes from quality coffee withdrawel)

2) From: Diablo
Sorry for your loss.  A disturbance in the roast continuum was felt.  
I used a Poplite for quite a while.  Not the best to choose from but you can
make do with just about anything.  Good luck.
--- Bill Zambon  wrote:

3) From: Brett Mason
Have you checked your local thrift stores or Goodwill / Salvation Army?  I
found a Poppery 1 two weeks ago, and a Cory Vacpot a week ago.  There are
two breadmakers and a WhirleyPop currently available locally too.  See what
you can find first - you may be amazed...
I am buying nothing new because I just bought another Cory grinder.  Except
this one is a commercial sized grinder and may need to live in my workshop.
Cost me $30 plus shipping - I can't wait.  I own a Cory VacPot still, and
this is the perfect companion...
On 1/25/07, Bill Zambon  wrote:

4) From: stereoplegic
1400w wearever popcorn pumper if you can find it. 120v fan like the 
original poppery (and you can probably find it much cheaper), so you 
don't need a transformer if you split wire fan & heater circuits. other 
model popcorn pumpers will need the transformer to pull of this mod (w/o 
killing the fan the first time you plug it in). also, the thermostat is 
much easier to disable than in the poppery II and similar poppers 
(salton, poplite, popaire, lower wattage popcorn pumpers). mine can do 
6oz at a time w/o boosted (above 120v, as w/ a variac or miKe's 
frankenformer) fan voltage. a good soup can chimney is a must though.
wzambon wrote:

5) From: Michael Dhabolt
The 1400W popcorn pumper is a good choice, as stereoplegic siad.  The other
option is the West Bend original Poppery (comonly called the Poppery 1).
Split wired and using a small (1 to 2 amp) cheap (less than $20 on ebay)
variac to boost voltage to, and control the fan speed it will give a
net eight ounce roast.  I've bought a bunch of them at thrift stores for
less than $5.....ebay is usually $25 or so.  There is a glut of information
on the net about performing well tested modifications.
Mike (just plain)

6) From: Steven Van Dyke
Sorry for the loss!
Makes me glad I *always* clean the chaff collector after a
roast.  Sometimes there isn't much but other times it seems like it's
almost full.
You might try some of the 'simpler' methods to get you through the down time.
Stovetop popcorn popper
Wok over just about any heat source
camping popcorn popper
Heat gun / dog bowl.
It's good to have backup methods.
At 01:07 PM 1/25/2007, you wrote:

7) From: Jeff Guarino
I have a few used West Bend Popperies that I used before I got my Gene Cafe. I would be willing to send you one. 
Let me know!
On Thursday, January 25, 2007, at 12:08PM, "Bill Zambon"  wrote:

8) From: Randy Roy
Diablo wrote:
Now that was funny.  Thanks for making me laugh.

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