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Topic: Cooling Fast Without a Cooler (9 msgs / 135 lines)
1) From: Florida Randy
Although new to roasting I know how hard it can be to stop the process
during the cooldown.  I've seen the clever ingenuity of using fans and
dog bowls and shop vacs, etc.  I stumbled on a method that seems to work
great and doesn't' require ANY contraptions....that is if you have
granite counter tops.
The idea came to me after watching my wife thaw frozen meat by simply
laying the package on the granite counter tops.  I took last nights
roast out of the Zach and Dani's at the end of the roast...before the
cooling stage....and simply spread the hot beans on the granite and
watched the clock, feeling the beans as time passed.  In 3 minutes the
beans were cold....not the mostly cool but slightly warm I get after 5
minutes in the Z&D "cool" cycle.  Bit of chafe to wipe of the counter,
but not really a big deal.  It seems the sheer mass of the large cool
granite slab "pulls" the heat from the beans without even warming the
Happy Roasting (and cooling).

2) From: Brett Mason
Hi Randy,
I have black granite counter tops, and have been using the same method for
cooling.  But don't miss the opportunity to build a contraption (that's one
of the things we do around here!).
I have made a cooling tray of sheet aluminum, which I place on the counter
first.  There's also a pour spout on the end to aid in storing into bags,
jars, or drums as the case may be...  See my
site... particularly
the coffee page...
On 1/26/07, Florida Randy  wrote:

3) From: Lynne Biziewski
Ah, and then there is the advantage of having single digit weather (with
wind) right now. Just spread them out on a cookie sheet, put the on the
porch (ran back in the house...brrr) and they cool in no time at all!!
(waiting for the heat to come up, now that we finally have some - after
running out of heating oil last night ... again - hey, if I roasted today, I
could have just cooled them in the living room!)

4) From: Silvia Marsh
I bet a good marble cutting board would have a good effect too...
On 1/26/07, Lynne Biziewski  wrote:

5) From: Ken Mary
It is not difficult at all to quench the roast. But the problem with most
home machines is the extended cooling time in the roaster. Blowing warm air
through the beans will quickly flatten the taste. Just stop the machine
after two minutes and finish on a tray.
"Instant" cooling is not necessary. In my experience, you can quench too
fast and ruin the spiciness of most coffees. By quenching, I mean getting
the beans below about 250F to stop the roast reactions.

6) From: raymanowen
"Just spread them out on a cookie sheet, put the on the porch (ran back in
the house...brrr)..."
And you tell me which cost more,  granite countertop or cookie sheet? I
know- you use what you have. My Grand Slam cooler = frostbite in 30 seconds
in this miserable weather.
(Yesterday was Saturday, so naturally, we got a few inches more traction
reduction and refroze what had started to melt!)
New Driving Method: Inverted on roof or in ditch. What a Cavalcade of
Carnage yesterday. I roasted the last Panama Auction Lot -Cafe de Eleta.
Barely C+, and brewed at 2 hours it was Huge for our initial neighborhood
watch meeting.
Everyone put creamer and sugar in it right off the bat. Maybe next time.
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa
"When the theme hits the bass, I dance the Jig!" - -Virgil Fox at the Mighty
Wichita (ex- NYC Paramount) WurliTzer- 1976

7) From: Floyd Lozano
That saddens me.  Next time bring Folgers for the unwashed masses and drink
the good stuff out of a thermos =/
"If you wanted cream and sugar why'd you order coffee?"
On 1/28/07, raymanowen  wrote:

8) From: Justin Marquez
Yes, we have discussed this idea before here. The agreement is
generally that you can drink your coffee anyway you like it.
 Safe Journeys and Sweet Music
Justin Marquez (CYPRESS, TX)

9) From: raymanowen
"...you can drink your coffee anyway you like it." - or not drink it at all.
Or even <>Gak<> decaf.
I got some decaf beans, but I've not roasted them yet. What's the
likelihood? They're from Sweet Maria's- I may unlock a phenomenon!..
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
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