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1) From: Helen
I'm new here and I wanted to share my first experience with like-minded, er=
, hobbyists:
Yesterday was the day.  Roasting commenced at 1500 hours (that’s 3 =
PM for all regular people).  I’ve been preparing for a while now.  =
Scattered on my desk are wiring schematics, downloaded from the internet.  =
I’ve printed the list of green coffee beans from Sweet Maria=
s, lurked voyeuristically on the blog, read Ken Davids’ book.  T=
wice.  I canvassed all the thrift shops searching for that perfect Popper I=
I.  Dimmer switches and various lengths of wire littered my kitchen table. =
 I prepared a back up:  a whirley pop (acquired at a Target close-out sale)=
, modified as a roaster.  I purchased enough propane for the camping stove.=
  I memorized roasting times and suitable profiles.  All furry critters wer=
e safely ensconced in the house.  I stood ready.
I was outside and appropriately attired:  short sleeved shirt and long weld=
er’s gloves.  I wore eye protection, and at my side:  a class C fir=
e extinguisher.  Fire extinguisher?!  Hey, #$@ happens.  Mind you, I modifi=
ed this popcorn popper.  The last thing I wired was a battery operated dune=
 buggy when I was in the sixth grade.  And I’m in healthcare.  Imag=
ine my embarrassment if I had to go to my hospital’s ER, sans eyela=
shes.  Folks would still be laughing about that at the 2007 Christmas party=
I planned to roast small amounts of greens, at least at first.  It’=
s just me, and the critters aren’t coffee drinkers.  I was ripe for=
 experimentation.  And for my post roast toast, a single shot of Jack Danie=
ls (covered with plastic wrap to keep out the chaff).
In a short while I had roasted beans!*  Beautiful brown fragrant beans!  I =
can’t believe it!  It worked so well; I grabbed the whirley pop and=
 threw caution to the wind.  I fired up the stove and roasted another small=
 batch in the whirley pop.*  I was on a roll!  My success called for a seco=
nd shot of Jack!  (I can hardly wait until the next roasting day.)  I could=
n't help it; I ran my fingers through the small bag of brown gold and laugh=
ed hysterically.  I tossed back a third shot.  The neighbors were staring.=
I’m grateful things went off without a hitch, the garage is still s=
tanding and there’s enough fresh roasted coffee for this morning, t=
o help with the hangover.
*both batches Brazilian Formosa, roasted just a touch past FC; first batch =
water-quenched and the second cooled with the help of a fan

2) From: Coffeenut
Good job Helen and welcome to the infection.  Your recommended treatment is
to continue roasting this way and disregard any further symptoms that may
develop.  It's incurable anyway!

3) From: Frank Parth
Congratulations on a successful first roast. Just remember the best way to roast coffee is the way that results in something you like.
Keep us posted on how you are progressing. If you ever get upgrade fever (happens to the best of us) just ask for advice.
To show how close a group this is, I'll help you celebrate. Now, where is that bottle of Jack Daniels?
Frank Parth

4) From: Tom Ulmer
Hi there,
Sour mash, welder's gloves, and self-propelled hilarity would make you
welcome in my neighborhood anytime. Next roast you'll need some shorts and
steel-toed boots.

5) From: Robert Joslin
     Good report.  Sounds as if you have the confidence,
intelligence, ingenuity and sense of humor common to so many other home
roasters.  Welcome to the list.  Happy roasting!!  (If you're roasting
outside in a shortsleeved shirt at this time of year, I'm guessing your
doing it somewhere well south of the Mason Dixon line).
On 1/28/07, Helen  wrote:

6) From: Les
Welcome to the obsession (hobby).  You are officially on the slippery
slope.  Let's see, there may be a Gene or Hottop in the future.  Pressurized
extraction (espresso) to get the most from your nicely roasted beans and
moving from Jack to a nice smooth single malt at close to a hundred bucks a
bottle.  I am enjoying an exquisite cup of Yirgacheffe as I type.
On 1/28/07, Robert Joslin  wrote:

7) From: Michael Dhabolt
Les, Helen,
I keep telling myself that the $50 per jug, single malt is plenty smooth
enough (The MAO Yirg level).
Mike (just plain)

8) From: Larry Johnson
Welcome, Helen! It's been a while since I enjoyed a post as much as yours. I
love your attitude. And I like the way you "toast the roast."  I've got a
good big jug of Evan Williams 12 yr old........hmmmmm.........
Larry J (Lilboybrew)
"I hear, and I forget.  I see, and I remember.  I do, and I
understand."    -- Confucius
On 1/28/07, Helen  wrote:

9) From: Eddie Dove
Welcome to the list!
Well done ... and if your ever in the neighborhood feel free to stop by for
any coffee extraction of your preference, the single malt scotch that Les
mentioned or some good, old fashioned, southern, sippin' whiskey ...
Again, welcome!
Errare humanun est - sed perseverare diabolicum
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10) From: Silvia Marsh
Hi! I'm a newbie here too, and I salute your successful first roasting day!
And yeah, it's an addiction. You're stuck here now. ;)
As for the toast, make it Maker's Mark for me...speaking of which, to add
some more coffee to the mix, Maker's Mark + freshly whipped cream + Congo
Kivu Peaberry = One amazing (pseudo)Irish coffee.
On 1/28/07, Eddie Dove  wrote:

11) From: True, Dennis W. FC1 (CVN69)
And that rocks! Sounds like you are on a roll and I can't wait to hear
about more roasts (and Jack) I am curious about your "water-quenching" 
Enjoy the addiction er....hobby!!!
Dennis AKA
FC1(SW) Dennis W. True
Safety Dept
USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69)
FPO AE 09532-2830
HG/DB and Z&D roasting in the southern hemisphere
 "On station and on point 117 and counting down..." 
HUMP DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!(fingers crossed this time!)

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