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1) From: Edward Bourgeois
Quick question. I want to put my chaff collector to the test. What green on
the SM list produces the most and largest pieces of chaff.
 I would assume it would be a dry processed to start.
thanks, Edhttp://coffee-roasting.blogspot.com/

2) From: Eddie Dove
I don't know if it is THE MOST, but the Ethiopia FTO Dry-Process Sidamo is
no slouch when it comes to generating profuse amounts of chaff ... the
coffee tastes great too ...
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3) From: Tom Ogren
The new shipment of the Idido Misty Valley produces TONS of chaff.
TO in VA
On 1/29/07, Edward Bourgeois  wrote:

4) From: an iconoclast
On 1/29/07, Tom Ogren  wrote:
I think the Brazil Organic Cachoiera Yellow Bourbon produces more.  Most of
the Brazils seem to be high producers of chaff.
Take care,
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5) From: Lynne Biziewski
Oooo - I love Brazil Organic Cachoiera Yellow Bourbon. Smooth, smooth, &

6) From: Rob Stewart
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Panama Carmen Estate 1800+ is the only one that regularly clogs my Rosto =
screen to the extent that it will pop the lid up from the fan air =
pressure.  The 1700-1800 which I still have a little of left and roasted =
recently is not so chaffy and still very good.   It would be nice to =
have month/year on the label.  I could have done that myself, actually.

7) From: Tara Kollas
The Ethiopian Harars seem to produce a lot of chaff for me.  Peaberrys seem
to generally produce less chaff (for me, at least).
On 1/29/07, Rob Stewart  wrote:

8) From: RK
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yirgs also produce alot of chaff

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