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Topic: First Success: Congo Kivu Peaberry (6 msgs / 86 lines)
1) From: Sam Tregar
Greetings all.  I'm new to the list and to coffee roasting.  I
received a FreshRoast Plus 8 this holiday season along with Kenneth
Davids' Home Coffee Roasting book.
Right now I'm thoroughly enjoying my first taste of Congo Kivu
Peaberry, from SM.  I roasted it to a little past Full City+, ground
it in my Zassenhaus hand-grinder and prepared a cup in my Turkish
coffee pot.  The taste is very rich, something like dark chocolate
with moderate acidity (I'm looking for "gamey" as described by SM but
I'm just not finding it - possibly for the best?!).  It's a perfect
coffee for Turkish brewing, in my opinion.  This is my first taste of
coffee from Congo and I'm definitely hoping to see more.
My previous two attempts weren't as successful.  I roasted some of the
Sumatra Takegong that came with my roaster as well as some green Cafe
Britt coffee I brought back from a trip to Costa Rica.  Both came out
pretty weak - possibly under-roasted for my tastes, or possibly just
low quality beans.
I'm looking forward to the availability of some interesting Kenyan
coffee, which if I understand what I've read should be coming up
soon.  I've always been a fan of Kenyan coffee.
Are there any other Turkish coffee fans out there?  What do you think
makes the perfect Turkish cup?

2) From: Les
The Congo is a really good coffee.  You have never really had a Kenya until
you have homeroasted your own.  I currently have 5 different Kenya coffees
in the Stash.
On 1/29/07, Sam Tregar  wrote:

3) From: David Schooley
I really like dry-processed Ethiopian coffees for Turkish. I suspect  
anything from Yemen would also work well, but I have not had a chance  
to try them yet in an ibrik.
On Jan 29, 2007, at 10:50 PM, Sam Tregar wrote:

4) From: Silvia Marsh
Congrats! The Congo Kivu is lovely. If you didn't give it a rest period, I
found that (after getting good advice from this list) this particular coffee
just goes _crazy_ with happy flavors after four days. Try it. :)
And I have yet to try Turkish coffee with my own home-roasted stuff...I've
made it in the past in a saucepan with *hangs head in shame* supermarket
coffee.  It was really good...but I bet it's amazing with a homeroast. I'll
try it with the Kivu, and thanks for the suggestion. :)
On 1/30/07, David Schooley  wrote:

5) From: Brian Kamnetz
On 1/29/07, Sam Tregar  wrote:
Did you use sugar in the Turkish brew? If so, that may have moderated the
"gamey" flavor that Tom described.

6) From: Sam Tregar
On Tue, 30 Jan 2007, Brian Kamnetz wrote:
Yes, around a quarter teaspoon.  I'll try it without.

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