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Topic: Weirdness, Sidamo, and Maunier (6 msgs / 126 lines)
1) From: Scot Murphy
Over the weekend, I found myself unsubscribed from the list. I am not  
sure how that happened. At first I thought there was a list problem,  
but then I resubscribed and got in again. Who knows! I can't think of  
any offenses I might have committed to get myself removed, though if  
I did, I'd be pleased if someone could tell me.
At any rate, I got a pleasant surprise from the current Sidamo batch.  
I roasted it just a tad, just a *shade*, darker than usual and  
started smelling berries during the roast. Was this just some  
accident? I don't know, but after a couple of days' rest, it had a  
marvelous blackberry taste to it, reminding me of the old Ethiopian  
Ghimbi I was in love with back around 2002 or 2003.
Right now drinking the Panama Boquete Maunier, cooled down a bit. I  
am finding it a little hard to describe. It's a bit fruity but I  
can't quite decide which fruit! It's sweet and mild, a little winey,  
a just-good-coffee coffee. It's roasted about city-plus; has anyone  
tried it darker, say into second crack?
Scot "liking the way it lingers" Murphy

2) From: Frank Coster
Scot, Same thing happened to me. Ended up having to contact Comcast and have 
them unblock Sweet Marias IP
Frank Coster
Coral Mustang Wines

3) From: Scot Murphy
On Jan 30, 2007, at 2:55 PM, Frank Coster wrote:
Apparently when you did, it worked for me too. So thanks. :)
Scot "there's a little floral in my Maunier, too" Murphy
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4) From: miKe mcKoffee
I usually had maybe the same experience with Harrar 30, needed to tickle a
wee tad of 2nd to have the blueberry really explode. 
Good balanced rich coffee with great character, that's a classic Panama to
me (not a big producer "C" Panama). Panama Maunier, it's a good one IMO.
The darkest I'll take it is Light Full City just before 2nd. Don't think
it's nuances would survive well into 2nd. Then again haven't tried it into
2nd, and frankly don't plan too!
Kona Konnaisseur miKe mcKoffee
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5) From: Carole Zatz
On 1/30/07, Scot Murphy  wrote:
I roasted it until just before it hit second crack, Full City I think.
I got a long, long, slow climb through first crack. To me, it's very
sweet  sort of like a chocolate-covered cherry. And for some reason,
it made me think of Zinfandel. We finished the pot off this morning at
breakfast. The beans had rested for 2 days. I'll try the second
pot-full probably the day after tomorrow. Curious to see if/how it

6) From: Diablo
Note on tickling second crack, seconded.  I have some DP Sidamo.  Getting to
know the new roaster has me playing around with second crack noteing temps and
times.  Two weeks ago I got a roast with Sidamo that was very nearly mind
blowing with Blueberry.  This last weekend second crack started late, and it
didn't want to tickle very much so I went to a roll.  Figured this was some of
the varience brought on by the dry process.  There is some blueberry, but
nothing like the 2 weeks ago.  The darkness from rolling second crack killed a
lot of that character.  It still does "ok" in a darker roast though.  Some
blueberry left, but not much.  Sad to say it didn't take on very much caramel
or chocolate though as you'd kind of expect.  
--- miKe mcKoffee  wrote:

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