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Topic: Stash ==> break the code (7 msgs / 123 lines)
1) From: Cameron Forde
I just got my latest order of greens from SM -- all African this time.
 I notice that they are now placing a little letter in the corner
(bottom right) of each label.  It looks like all of the bags from my
most recent order have the letter "a".  I looked at some of the bags
that I had received in the fall and I see the letter "j".  I'm going
to go out on a limb here and guess that the letter represents the
month (a = Jan, b = Feb, etc).  I'm sure that we can verify this given
how busy some people have been keeping Harvey.

2) From: Bob
There has been a code on the order form that tells SM who loaded 
your order so they can help an employee who made a mistake. This 
may be an extension of that.

3) From: Cameron Forde
Hi Bob,
I was hoping that others would be able to take a look at the labels
from their orders and see if the lettering is consistent with my month
hypothesis.  I only have two data points to go by at the moment.  My
thinking was that if it is a month code, people who have ordered a
bean more than once will know which bag arrived when.
As for who filled the order, I seem to recall seeing one or two sets
of initials on the order form.  I'll have to have a look.
On 1/31/07, Bob  wrote:

4) From: Dave
I think you may be on to something. I've only made 2 orders from SM, the
first was my initial sampler in Dec and there is an "L" in the corner of the
tag. The other is my second in Jan and has an "a" in the corner.Cameron
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On 1/31/07, Cameron Forde  wrote:

5) From: jay hobaugh
I am not too sure, I got some blue lintong, Idido misty valley, and Sulawesi all with the 
  letter A in the corner but I also got the letter L on some juan fransiscan project...? All the 
  same order placed the day the IMV came in. Maybe the El Salvadorian coffee was bagged in Dec and put aside for some reason...
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6) From: Cameron Forde
Thanks Dave.  Always like to see data that support my pet theory.
On 1/31/07, Dave  wrote:

7) From: Cameron Forde
Hmm... I think that we can make this data fit the theory.  Thanks Steve.
On 1/31/07, jay hobaugh  wrote:

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