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Topic: Local shop in the NOVA area? (6 msgs / 90 lines)
1) From: Richard Ferguson
Does any one know of a local shop in the Northern Virginia area where I can
get some green beans?  The closer to Manassas the better =)  Thanks

2) From: Brett Mason
Try Harvey's...
On 2/2/07, Richard Ferguson  wrote:

3) From: Richard Ferguson
Sorry everyone.. didn't realize these posts aren't allowed.  I am still new to
the list.

4) From: Brett Mason
NO worries Richard - we've all gone there, and none wishing any harm to our
great hosts....
Sweet Maria's offers the greatest beans, and if you keep it at 12 or less
pounds, use the "Hold for Harvey" shipping option.  Costs $9 and gets it
there in 2-3 days...  Really the best of both worlds....
Or you could buy your stash up to 647 pounds right now and take the
availability issue right off the table!
On 2/2/07, Richard Ferguson  wrote:

5) From: Floyd Lozano
I'll be blunt - I *have* spent a little time looking around for green bean
sources, just to compare.  After a couple days of research on the internet,
I stopped.  No other site came remotely close to Sweet Maria's in cupping
notes, attention to detail, roasting suggestions, and the like.  Sure you
can go somewhere else and buy a bag of beans.  With SM coffee, you know well
before hand what you're getting!  My only bad experience with SM wasn't
their fault - I bought a pound of the $21 El Salvador CoE coffee and never
could find a roast that didn't have it tasting to me like some super
astringent mess.  That's what I get for buying an expensive coffee after
only having been roasting for 2 or 3 weeks ;)
Ok, I do have one other complaint about Sweet Maria's.  They aren't in
Boston, so I have to WAIT for beans to arrive!!  Life is harsh and hard and
cruel sometimes.
On 2/2/07, Brett Mason  wrote:

6) From: raymanowen
"They aren't in Boston, so I have to WAIT..."
I learned in the military, "Volunteer for Nothing!"
Did I see you volunteering for SME?
If you did, I will, for the Rockies... 2 Geef !
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
"When the theme hits the bass, I dance the Jig!" - -Virgil Fox at the Mighty
Wichita (ex- NYC Paramount) WurliTzer- 1976

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