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1) From: French Lewis
I drink mainly decaf coffee, but am having a bunch of
family travelling in to visit with our new daughter.  
 Some family members only drink caffeinated coffee (I
don't have the heart to give them my decaf homeroast &
later spring on them its decaffeinated), so I'm
looking for a sure crowd pleaser.     I was initially
leaning toward a COE or Kona, but realilzed I should
defer to the collective expertise of the list...
ps. the majority of the people visiting consider
Charbucks to be the apex of the coffee world.   I want
to dispell that fallacy during their visit.
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2) From: Carole Zatz
On 2/2/07, French Lewis  wrote:
You could do what we do for our garden club where we have the same
problem: make a half caf / half decaf blend. (That way you don't
really please anyone  but it works.)
And congratulations on the new daughter!

3) From: Jeff Oien
French Lewis wrote:
For the safest crowd pleasers I would choose Peru,
Mexican, Brazil YB, Timor or Colombian.

4) From: Tim Smith
I really like the Africa Highlands WP Decaf on the SM list, though I
wouldn't go any higher than a C+.  It's really bright and interesting at a
ligher roast but started to lose that character the instant I hit second
crack.  It might be a bit too much for the uninitiated, though, as it can be
quite acidic.  Perhaps a better choice for the uninitiated would the the
Mexico Organic Chiapas WP Decaf.  It's just as "good" to my palate but the
acidity is toned down.  Both of those decaffes are just as full-bodied as
any "regular" commercial coffee that I've ever had, especially the Africa.

5) From: Jeremy DeFranco
Well, unfortunately the Kona is now sold out until next lot. This would have
fit the bill. But, wow, there are so many other coffees on the list that
could be considered "crowd pleasers"! Personally, I would go with any of the
Brazils or Columbians, and either of the Yemens. Might I highly recommend
the Yemens- They teeter on the brink of the exotic while still fitting the
qualifications of "crowd pleasers"- they are really amazing, and just may
leave your relatives hooked! Just plan on allowing a good 2 days rest before
digging in to get full flavor explosion.

6) From: Dave
My wife brought home pie from Marie Callender's the other night so I
roasted-cooled brewed some Mexico Organic Chiapas WP Decaf, city maybe city+
roast. WOW! If I didn't know better I'd have thought I was drinking hot
chocolate. I wonder how it is now after a couple days rest...
Highly recommended!
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On 2/2/07, French Lewis  wrote:

7) From: Ken Bozarth
Here would be my suggestions for a "Crowd Pleaser" coffee.
El Salvador Cup of Excellence #2 -Los Planes
Colombia Cup of Excellence #3 - El Placer
Colombia Cup of Excellence #12 - El Descanso
Ethiopia Organic Idido Misty Valley DP
Panama Hacienda La Esmeralda Gesha
For the money, the Idido is incredible.
Ken Bozarth

8) From: Brett Mason
I am a Peruvian snob today.  Magnificent cup at two days rest....  This is
very hard for a Colombian lover to diverge, but it's incredibly worth it...
On 2/2/07, Jeremy DeFranco  wrote:

9) From: Eddie Dove
Hello French,
Tom has used the term "crowd pleasing" in several of the write-ups of his
coffees and the most recent that I recall was the Timor.  A search of the
web site will yield quite a few results, a lot of which are no longer
available, but might give you the premise on why he called them such.  The
Timor also holds up quite well into the darker roasts; you can take this to
a darker roast and stun them with all of the flavor that they are missing.
Personally, I would also recommend the Mexico Organic Nayarit Terruno; it is
a very good, mild, clean, crisp cup of coffee; I am having a cup right now
and there is a bit of smooth chocolate with a bit of a nutty tone.
Another coffee that has generated unsolicited ravings is the Guatemala
Fraijanes - Finca Agua Tibia.  It starts to develop the chocolates notes
early in the lighter roasts and along with the previous two has a wide sweet
spot for level of roast.
Both of the above coffees are only $4.80 per pound and the Timor is $4.90
per pound.  I never have a problem roasting the expensive coffees for folks,
unless they are just not going to appreciate it.  If they are going to drown
the coffee with cream and sugar and call just about any mixer of the cream
and sugar good coffee, then there really just is no point to roasting a
bunch of expensive coffee that will not be appreciated.  I always encourage
people to give it a sip before they add the cream and sugar on the basis
that it is "different" than what they have had before, that way they can
make sure they add just the right amount to make a perfect cup for
themselves.  The folks that truly appreciate the coffee will let you know
and ask about it.  I do NOT tell them its better;  this will encourage the
negativity of some and they will set out to prove that yours is no different
than anything else and there is no sense to going through all of the
trouble, yadda, yadda, yadda.
Just my thoughts and I hope they are helpful.
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10) From: Jeff Oien
Jeremy DeFranco wrote:
I would consider that a love it or hate it bean.
I love the description at Blue Bottle Coffee Co.:
"One more thing: you might not like it. Lovers of clean, snappy Costa 
Ricans, or Colombians might consider drinking a cup of Yemen 
uncomfortably similar to being picked up by the lapels, shaken, then 
tossed into a grimy Manhattan snow bank. But for some of us, this is the 
most complex and desirable cup in town."

11) From: Les
The Aqua Tibia is one of the most overlooked coffees on the list.  I can't
believe Tom isn't sold out.  I have gone through 10 pounds and have two more
in the stash.
On 2/2/07, Eddie Dove  wrote:

12) From: Les
A friend of mine sent me two pounds of roasted Yemen from Bluebottle.  It
was on pare with the Yemen I roasted two weeks ago.  It is nice to know
there are commercial roasters that are doing it right.  I just added another
roaster to that list.  I was amazed at the nice city-city plus roast.
On 2/2/07, Jeff Oien  wrote:

13) From: Jeff Oien
I think Tom even mentioned them once. Boy are they expensive.
Tom's roasted are so reasonable and you know you're getting
great beans.
Les wrote:

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