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Topic: Sweet Maria's Christmas present - Sumatra Blue Linton (6 msgs / 99 lines)
1) From: Gerry Lawrence
I order roasted coffee from SM almost every week.  I'm not even close to
being good at roasting and I do the ordering for the company I work for.
There's no way I could roast
that much coffee even if I was willing and good at it.
All year SM offers a roasted espresso that rotates between the various
blends, which are excellent, Amber, Monkey, Puro, Italian etc.
BUT --  the last roast before Christmas was Sumatra Blue Linton single
origin.  Oh yeah.
Anyone else notice this and order it?   I ordered up (5) extra pounds of it,
and it's just about the yummiest coffee I've tried.  Sweet, warm, well
rounded and just nice nice nice.  It makes great drip and even better
espresso in my Rocky.
So good in fact that I swapped out some of it from work with other coffee
from SM to aquire a few extra pounds of it.  (I'm the office coffee czar, I
can do that ;-)
I have about 1 pound left.  It's drying out and getting a little long in the
tooth but still quite good.
Now SM is out of the Blue Linton beans for roasting.   Too bad.  Looking
forward to more of this and I'm even willing to roast it myself to get some.
Anyway, thank you SM for the best Xmas present.  Next year everyone look
closely around the 2nd week of December for, hopefully, another special
-Gerry Lawrence      silvia.rocky

2) From: an iconoclast
On 2/2/07, Gerry Lawrence  wrote:
No, it was gone before I could order it.  And now the Rwanda is gone, too.
I just can't keep up...trying not to dwell, but I did a bit of swearing.  I
wish I knew how much of what Tom had, when so I could plan my purchases
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3) From: Aaron
Problem is, if tom let us know how much he had that might cause even a 
bigger rush on the short stocks.
If I am thinking oh he got a lot of this, ill just order a bit ....that 
leaves more for someone else to order, but if I know hmm he only has 200 
pounds of this, I better get my 10 now, when I might have only ordered a 
few pounds otherwise, it now causes it to go quicker before others might 
have a chance to get some.

4) From: Les
That sounds like a way to build a stash fast!
On 2/2/07, Aaron  wrote:

5) From: Jeff Oien
Gerry Lawrence wrote:
I still have some green from last year's crop. My second to last
roast of it was great. Sweet, earthy, big body and a little acidity.
The perfect Sumatra and made a Sumatra lover out of me. My last
roast was less earthy and had a lot of plum. Very strange. I want
to try to replicate the "perfect" roast again.

Fortunately Tom's shipment fell in the right time frame for me and I was
able to snag 5lbs. We get a quarterly payout for meeting or exceeding
production/sales expectations here where I work and that's when I collect
the 'fees' from the other guys here to order our quarterly stash with. Just
hope the timing stays running right...
On 2/2/07, an iconoclast  wrote:
Start HOT and work your way Down...
Peppers AND Coffee.
(I'm the tall guy in the middle)

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