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Topic: short rest bean suggestions (6 msgs / 99 lines)
1) From: Michael Rasmussen
Are some beans better suited to a short rest between roast and brew?
If so, which ones would you folks recommend for this treatment?
   Michael Rasmussen, Portland, Ore, USA
  Be Appropriate && Follow Your Curiosity

2) From: Brett Mason
Are you trying to punish them or reward them?
Seriously, you need to roast some beans and take some notes.  The beans will
feel really rested, they won't even scream when they are ripped to pieces
between cold forged steel burrs.  If you drink tea, the beans will feel on
Roast a goodly amount, maybe a pound.  grind and brew some every day, same
method, until they are gone.  Take ntoes daily for reference...
Review, then please let us know which ones work for how long, to your
On 2/2/07, Michael Rasmussen  wrote:

3) From: Lynne Biziewski
If you do a search in the archives, you'll find some suggestions. I did just
that, & since I have a Panama Carmen Estate in my little stash (acquired
through two tradition/winnings, thank you Jeremy & Linda!), roasted that up
recently when I ran out of coffee. Mmmm. Came out really good, and even
better after a couple days rest.
I have to try EVERY bean I roast right after the roasting. Can't stand the
wait. There are a few that are pretty good w/out a rest.
Notes are a good idea. I started that... my only problem is remembering to
continue adding to it...
On 2/2/07, Michael Rasmussen  wrote:

4) From: Jeff Oien
Harar seems good with no rest and others have noticed the same.
Other than that, the beans that seem to me to need the most
rest are the very earthy beans like Sulawesi and Sumatra and
the very bright and acidic beans. The latter often need time
for the acidity calm down and come into balance.

5) From:
Great question.
I think almost any bean can be rested for a while. I tested a lot of mine after I found a 10 day old Horse (no Brett not a quarter horse) on my sink.
I have no idea why I had left it there but, that batch of beans was one of the best beans ever.
Try some out.
---- Michael Rasmussen  wrote: 

6) From: stereoplegic
i like mexicans and nicaraguans on short or even no rest. yirgacheffe too.

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