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Topic: An inadvertant offering... (7 msgs / 97 lines)
1) From: Vicki Smith
After a truly lovely looking HG/BM roast of the Bolivia Organic Peaberry 
De MontaƱa", as I was crowing to myself about meeting my targets for 
ramp up to first and pulling the roast right as first ended, I tripped 
over my pride and presented most of the beans to the God of Yellow Snow 
who had made his presence known on the path from my garage to the house.
Such is the life in service to the bean.

2) From: Silvia Marsh
*wince* Oooh, the horror...
Congrats on the lovely roast, condolences on the loss of same roast.  Think
of it as a sacrifice...you've now offered the fatted calf, so the rest of
your roasts will be perfect!
On 2/3/07, Vicki Smith  wrote:

3) From: Tim Smith
I can sympathize.  The other night I managed dump a batch of Africa Highland
WP on the kitchen floor.  (Fortunately it was only a FreshRoast-sized
batch.)  I thought "I can salvage these" just before looking at the state of
my floor, my cat rolling her eyes at me, and resigned myself to defeat.  Oh

4) From: Vicki Smith
Well, I am really, really low on greens--perhaps 2.5 pounds in my stash. 
We don't get Harvey here in Alberta, and I am just hoping that the SM 
order that was shipped on the 16th shows up soon. I ordered ground 
surface, thinking I would do OK, and airmail here is pricey and not all 
that much faster, well usually.
I had roasted a pound...oh well.
Tim Smith wrote:

5) From:
oh vicki,
don't roast yellow snow!!
maybe rinse like hell and go for it!
---- Vicki Smith  wrote: 
ts for 
ribes) go tohttp://sweetmarias.com/maillistinfo.html#personalsettings

6) From: Michael Wascher
Interesting cooling technique, Vicki. Effective, but it still needs a bit o=
On 2/3/07, Vicki Smith  wrote:
"When a person can no longer laugh at himself, it is time for others to
laugh at him." -- Thomas Szasz

7) From: Larry Johnson
I'm sorry for your loss. I did the same thing to a pound of Brazil beans
while trying to cool them on what I now know to be an unstable fan setup.
Larry J (Lilboybrew)
"I hear, and I forget.  I see, and I remember.  I do, and I
understand."    -- Confucius
On 2/3/07, Vicki Smith  wrote:

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