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Topic: Kmart coffee pot poor service (15 msgs / 290 lines)
1) From: Brian Fowler
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I placed an order for a Presto Scandinavian Coffee maker from Kmart.com =
and they droped the ball.  I placed the order on January 29th and had =
not recieved any word as of Feb. 3rd.  So I called and the person =
informed me that the machine would be shipping out on Monday Feb. 5th.  =
Today Feb. 4th I recieved and email stating that my order was cancled =
because it is now out of stock.  Horrible customer service buyer beware. =
I will never ever purchase from them again.  Thanks for letting me rant =
a bit.

2) From: Floyd Lozano
I also ordered from them but they haven't cancelled my order yet.  It shows
as 'backordered'.  I'm willing to wait!  Just hope they can actually fulfill
On 2/4/07, Brian Fowler  wrote:

3) From: Tim Smith
Ok, maybe I'm just WAAAY out of the loop.  (This wouldn't be the first
time!)  But is there anything particularly special about this Kmart coffee
maker?  I keep hearing about it but haven't quite figured out why.
Apologies if this has been explained repeatedly.

4) From: Vicki Smith
The Presto Scandinavian coffee maker has been discontinued and, at this 
point,  KMart and Sears are the sole distributors. Once it is gone, it's 
gone. When it was easily available, at Costco and a myriad of other 
stores, it was praised for the brewing temp and the price, and damned 
because the failure rate was high and some units emitted a nasty plastic 
Now that it is almost gone, there is a rush to get it and it is seen as 
one of the great bargains of coffee world, which at its current price is 
understandable, though some folks seem to expect it to be more than it 
really is.
Tim Smith wrote:

5) From: Larry Johnson
The poor man's Technivorm. I got 2 (the *last* 2 at this particular K-Mart)
for $40 about a month ago. I like it for a dripper, but I prefer my
presspots or my Moka pots.
Larry J (Lilboybrew)
On 2/5/07, Vicki Smith  wrote:
"I hear, and I forget.  I see, and I remember.  I do, and I
understand."    -- Confucius

6) From: Edward Bourgeois
Kmart/Sears  bought the last 25,000 Presto's back in October. They offered a
$2.99 replacement plan for a while and I assume they held a few back. I'm
not going to hold my breath until the next inexpensive unit to heat to the
right temp is introduced. I think the coffee maker companies learned that
those who buy cheap makers also buy cheap coffee. Cheap coffee brews better
at a lower temp. because it doesn't fully extract the off flavors of poor

7) From: Tim Smith
I wonder if there's a way to modify a regular cheap coffee maker to brew at
a higher temperature?  Does anybody know *why* this thing brews hotter than
the rest?

8) From: Edward Bourgeois
Generally it's the wattage of the heating element and sometimes it's the
placement of the heater. Presto is a 1300 watt, the old melitta
clarity(another unit that did a good job) was 1230w.  Many units now are
only 800-1000 watts. The presto also has an extra heater near the exit to
give the water a final boost.

9) From: Brett Mason
Thus the reason I have a Clarity for my daily brew, and a Presto on my
storage shelf...
$15 was cheap insurance against my Clarity...
On 2/5/07, Edward Bourgeois  wrote:

10) From: Floyd Lozano
i think it has 3 heating elements, so probably 1) gets the water hotter
faster and 2) may have a better quality thermostat that stops at the right
temp, consistently and 3) may have a shorter better insulated path from tank
to coffee grounds so it doesn't lose heat on the way.  Who knows?  it's all
On 2/5/07, Tim Smith  wrote:

11) From: Kevin
I've found that you can get by with the cheap drip brewers if you
preheat them.  That is run 1/2 pot of water through the machine w/o
any coffee.  Then dump the water down the drain, put the filter basket
in (using SwissGold of course) and brew coffee with fresh and filtered
water.  This allows the ceap heating element to come to temp and the
first time water hits the grinds the water is at 197-199.  I confirmed
this with a thermal probe over the summer.  The cup results confirm as
well, richer and fuller flavor.
My home coffee roasting blog:http://homecoffeeroastblog.blogspot.com/Kevin

12) From: MSMB
Very interesting idea!

13) From: Brett Mason
For less than $20 you can buy a machine that has the right temperature
already ...  The other method just adds work - or at least that is my take.
Buy the Presto...
On 2/5/07, MSMB  wrote:

14) From: MSMB
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I already have one but am anticipating . the last one I had worked for only
about one month but fortunately I was able to get my money back from Sears.
My K-Mart has been out of them.  The floor model is still on the floor with
a price of $24, but the store will not sell it.  The k-mart web site does
not carry them, so far as I can see.  
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For less than $20 you can buy a machine that has the right temperature
already ...  The other method just adds work - or at least that is my take.
Buy the Presto...
On 2/5/07, MSMB  wrote:
Very interesting idea!

15) From: Aaron
We've discussed this before so Ill bring it up again just briefly.
The reason many pots do NOT get up to temp is..
The water is heated, actually it is boiled in these pots at the bottom 
of them.  The steam pressure is what forces the water out the nozzle up 
top and into your brew basket.   Unfortunately for us, the rubber / 
plastic tube that brings the hot water up from the boiling spot, to the 
nozzle up top, generally tends to run right through the resivoir of 
water the pot is going to use.  This water tends to be around the 
temperature that it came out of your water faucet at.   Some quick 
math,  run 200 ish degree water through a volume of water that's closer 
to 80 degrees... yep it's gonna lose some heat.
As brett mentioned, you can  pre heat the water in the resivoir,  that 
way the 200 ish degree water is running through water that is now 
probably closer to 150 degrees instead of 80, so the heat loss is a lot 
This is why when you first start the pot of coffee brewing, it just kind 
of burbles out the dripper, yet as the pot gets close to being done it 
actually starts spurting or is more lively when it comes out the 
dripper, until finally at the end, its blown out with a lot of 
steam....... because there is no more water in the resivoir to leech the 
heat from it so it's pretty much full temp at the top.
 what I have done, is take some tubing from any hardware store, home 
depot etc etc, and double wall it by running it down the existing tube.  
(yes some minor assembly / disassembly required) , and RTV it to 
thebottom of the resivoir to seal it.  That way there is a small air gap 
between the tubes, and the heat can't get leeched out so quickly and the 
water generally comes out the spout where we want it to be temperature wise.
Better yet, just get a swiss gold and nuke a glass of water... perfect 
cup every time.

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