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Topic: Oh, what a difference the filter makes! (10 msgs / 148 lines)
1) From: Tim Smith
At first I was brewing really good coffee in my Capresso drip machine.
Suddenly I start getting pots that are...off.  A little too much bite, and
not the good kind.  Well, tonight I decided to forego the paper filter
(cheap, store-brand, bleached) and put the grounds directly into my gold
filter.  This coffee is so much better!  My Africa Highland WP tastes just
like that first great pot, which was probably made with the last of my
unbleached filters.  The citrus is back and the bitterness is just a bad
For the last week and a half I thought I was doing something wrong with the
roast...all of them.  It's a good evening for coffee. :)

2) From: Tim Smith
The gold filter works again...another great pot this morning using the
Nicaragua Limoncillo Estate Var. Java (roasted to a city), which I didn't
really like last time.  That's just plain good coffee.  I still can't get
over the fact that a little white paper cone did that much harm to the
flavor.  Is this normal or are my filters (in Big-Y packaging) just
extraordinarily bad?

3) From: Eddie Dove
Some paper filters are better than others.  SM's sells the Filtropa filters
which I have found to be the best paper filter, in my opinion; it will make
good coffee, but it still does not compare to the Swissgold, which I use
almost exclusively.
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4) From: Kevin
Me too post:
I echo Eddie's sentiments with the SG filters.  As Tom says it's 1/2
between drip and French Press so it gives you the best of both worlds:
(most of the) convenience of drip with (most of the) body of French.
I highly recommend the SwissGold for anyone who prefers to drip brew.
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5) From: Les
I have found that you have to keep the SG good and clean to function
properly.  I soak mine in Cafex when I detect that old coffee smell.  I
ususally  have to clean it twice a week.  It makes a big difference it
On 2/6/07, Kevin  wrote:

6) From: Jeff Oien
Is there a home-made concoction that can be made to clean the
Swiss Gold without harming it? Or without making a bomb in the
process? (I know they're watching me.)
I just noticed "that old coffee smell" today even though I
wash with sponge and rinse after each use.
Les wrote:

7) From: Dan Bollinger
Espresso machine cleaner.

8) From: Brian Kamnetz
How about Simple Green? People say that it was originally developed for
coffee cleaning...
On 2/6/07, Jeff Oien  wrote:

9) From: Jeff Oien
I meant like white vinegar or something I already have in
the house.
Brian Kamnetz wrote:

10) From: David Morgenlender
I was having this problem with the plastic filter holder on my Presto =
It was suggested here to soak in a baking soda solution.  It works great.
Afterwards, the filter holder has no odor whatsoever.
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smell.  I
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