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Topic: Tips for hi-caf blends (13 msgs / 236 lines)
1) From: Jeff Kalikstein
Does anyone have any tips or recipies for a high caf coffee blend?  I'm
thinking of trying some 50/50 arabica/robusta blends for those study nights.
I tend to like a pretty dark roasted coffee.
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2) From: Timothy A Reed
On Wed, 26 Sep 2001 14:12:15 -0500 "Jeff Kalikstein"
Just drink more.  If you think you "need" robusta, put about 10% in an
espresso blend and pull a few shots; dump the shots into a large mug and
fill the rest of the way with filtered.
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3) From: Michael Allen Smith
If staying awake is the goal then a couple ideas come to mind.
1 - drink more coffee
2 - Ephedrine (25mg) or Ma Huang extract 
When I need to stay awake, I'll drink 1 mug of coffee with 1 
Ephedrine and then I'll have another mug of coffee in 2 hours.  
50% robusta would be gross.  
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4) From: Richard Schwaninger
Unless you're blending for espresso, don't use the robusta. Of course you're 
free to try it out, but do believe all of those you will tell you it tastes 
like burnt rubber.
Robusta Rich
On Wednesday 26 September 2001 12:12, Jeff Kalikstein wrote:
Richard KG6DOH / WPQS322
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5) From: Gloria Hoover
That herb can be very dangerous for some people. The FDA is considering a
ban on it. It has contributed to people's death, racing heart beat and a
very other nasty things. Would suggest talking with your Dr. before
taking it in any dosage. My Naturopathic physician even recommends people
to not take it.
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6) From: Simpson
How about the idea of a nice cup of coffee and a couple of no-doz or
vivarin? Assuming your heart is up to it... If you are going to push the
limits on your arousal capacity, don't forget to take state-dependent
learning effects into account.
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7) From: Ed Needham
Jeff...Large amounts of caffeine during a long study night will, after a few
hours, make you feel (and look) like a zombie. And although you won't be
able to sleep, you'll also not be able to study.  Trust me on this one....
Do as I say, not as I did. 
Ed Needham

8) From: Jeff Kalikstein
Oh, don't worry- I've been overcaffeinating myself during the crunch times
for a while now :-).  This is my last semester, though, so the all-nighter
days are limited.
I'll sometimes drink 6 cups of coffee or more in a night.  I was just
thinking of trying a blend to get the same amount of caffeine without
necessarily drinking the 6 cups.

9) From: Ryuji Suzuki -- JF7WEX
From: "Jeff Kalikstein" 
Subject: +Tips for hi-caf blends
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001 14:12:15 -0500
I would rather sleep in that situation. Also reduce meal portion if
you tend to eat until you feel full.  Caffeine may help doing boring
no brain routine work but I rarely felt too much caffeine helped
studying new things. Find a few nice nap spots in your lab, lounge,
library, etc. Avoiding caffeine also helps to switch into nap mode
I think Pilon or similar packaged coffees contain a lot of robusta and
brewing them with nearly boiling water will extract a lot of caffeine
out of them.
Good decaf and herbal teas for studying...
Ryuji Suzuki
"I can't believe I'm here.
People always say that I'm a long way from normal."
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10) From: Ed Needham
Does that much caffeine cause you to sort of 'zombie out' like it does to me
when you're cramming for a test or trying to write a paper?
Ed Needham

11) From: Jeff Kalikstein
It's a little unpredictable sometimes.  I can't always tell how caffeine
will affect me, actually.  Sometimes I'll initially get tired, and then I'll
be wired 3 hours later.
I don't really overabuse caffeine as a drug.  My non-coffee drinking friends
think I'm a little bit crazy sometimes, but I realize now that this forum is
a different context.

12) From: Ed Needham
I think 'unpredictable' is an accurate way to describe my experience also.
Sometimes two cups of coffee at night or a double espresso will make me
sleep like a baby, at other times, a half a cup will keep me on the computer
until 3 in the morning.  As to the crazy part, I can also relate to that.
Ed Needham

13) From: Sharon Allsup
muahahahaha  whoever in the working world is giving you that line 
is nuts.  
If you're serious about just wanting caffeine, consider something 
like the "Penguin Mints" or other candies/pills containing caffeine.  
If it's just not wanting yet another cup of coffee, but you're still 
willing to drink, there are some soft drinks available with a high 
caffeine level.
In the past I occasionally got the caffeine withdrawal headaches in 
the morning when we were camping, sans coffee.  The Penguin 
Minds were good for that.  Of course, once I decided it's worth the 
bother to bring a French Press with us when camping, I stopped 
getting the headaches at all because about that time the daily 
caffeine intake dropped.
Sharon Allsup
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