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1) From: Scott Marquardt
 On 2/6/07, Ed Needham  wrote:
The only thing that improves on a Chemex is a polyester filter for it.
Cleanup is a bear, though.
BTW, that's a new way I think about brewing methods -- whether they're
a "wet hands" or "dry hands" method. I suspect one aspect of why
people prefer methods is convenience, and I'm wondering whether this
criterion is a determinant for many people.
Chime in, folks -- do you eschew "wet hands" brewing methods? Or does
the need to get your hands wet have no bearing on your choice of
Seriously, I wonder whether this is one thing that might divide, for
example, Chemex users from automatic drip folks.
- Scott

2) From: Robert Joslin
Scott   My choice of brewer is dependent upon circumstance.  First thing in
the morning I usually opt for the convenience of a drip (TV) because my wife
doesn't like to wait on her coffee.  At other times I like to fuss and
fiddle.....particularly if I am trying a new bean or a different roast.
I'll put on a LARGE kettle of water (enough to handle several obstetrical
emergencies),  drag out an assortment of small white hand towels (no, I
don't tear up the bedsheets) get out the Chemex or the vac pot and make a
royal mess.  If I am feeling particularly bored or want to awe an
impressionable neighbor, I might even get out the KMB ( I have never made a
cup in that thing that I really like.  I know.....my ignorance, not the
failure of the machine) or fire up the Andreja and make an Americano or
cappuccino.  Whatever suits the moment!  Ain't life grand?        Josh
On 2/6/07, Scott Marquardt  wrote:

3) From: Larry Johnson
When I'm brewing 1 - 2 cups, like in the mornng, I go with with either a
French press or moka pot because I like the cup I get from those. When I'm
in a hurry to brew volume, I whip out my spiffy $20 Presto Scandinavian.
SWMBO brews in a Melitta that has a built in whirly blade grinder. Haven't
been able to convert her yet (I'm still new at this and she fears change).
So I guess I'm mostly "wet hands" and wifey is "dry hands". Which explains
why she has lovelier hands than I....
Larry J (Lilboybrew)
"I hear, and I forget.  I see, and I remember.  I do, and I
understand."    -- Confucius
On 2/6/07, Scott Marquardt  wrote:

4) From: Dave
First cup in the morning I go foolproof and easy, I use my mini Santos
electric vac-pot. Later in the day, I either use it again, or I use my
little moka pot. No espresso machine yet... For a crowd (more than 3) I make
drip coffee. Usually it's just me though.
Some days...
It's just not worth chewing through the leather straps

5) From: Ed Needham
I use an electric Melitta Hot pot and Chemex.  I heat enough water to brew 
to the first glass button on the Chemex.  Heats in about 5 minutes while I'm 
grinding the beans, preheating the mug and Chemex, getting a filter and 
somehow it all comes together at about the same time.  It's not press and 
forget, but it's not that much different.  Even compared with a TV or other 
auto, the only step you're adding is heating the water separately.
Ed Needham®
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